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By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Jan 12
Slater’s 50/50 picture of “Our very own Slater baby!”

Slater’s 50/50 added this picture Sunday, January 10, 2010 to their Facebook fan page

Although many Internet marketers recommend making your blog the hub of your Internet marketing, I know of no brick and mortar companies that would go that far. Nevertheless, maintaining a blog is one of the most powerful tools you can use to promote your business. After all, a static website merely gives you an address. Now you need to attract visitors. Probably the most popular dream of most businesses with websites is to find themselves on the first page of the generic search for their most important keywords because it costs them nothing.

Frequent updates get you better placement in generic search results

To do that, though, takes effort and understanding how search engines rank websites. One of the primary things search engines want to find is frequent updates. Due to the nature of blogs which typically get new articles posted to them weekly or even daily in some cases, the search engines return more frequently to blogs to check on updates. Additionally, blogs are easy to add to or to fix while websites often take a webmaster to make changes. Besides, once uploaded, most people forget about their websites so the sites never get updated.

Slater’s 50/50 blog is presently just another unchanging page

Continuing to use Slater’s 50/50 to demonstrate a real business, in this article, I’m looking at their blog. As Scott Slater is a very sharp marketer, I’m surprised to find his current blog is simply a place holder which he does with a “Blog” tab on the nav bar (navigation bar). Unfortunately, the blog appears to be ignored. I suspect it’s because this page doesn’t link to true blogging software. If they install blog software, like the free, on their site, it will be easy to upload posts. Then by including the blog on their Sitemap, the search engines will find it and index it as part of the Slater’s 50/50 website.

Plugins and apps enable your blog to update Twitter and Facebook

Admittedly blogs take a effort to maintain with frequent posts. However, for a restaurant that is otherwise very savvy about Internet marketing, it seems a glaring missed opportunity. Particularly since Slater’s 50/50 uses Twitter and a Facebook fan page, they could use the blog as the originator of their posts. This is how it becomes the hub for their Internet marketing. Interestingly, you can also send your Twitter post further by sending them to LinkedIn and other social networking connection sites. The advantage to you, or to Slater’s 50/50, from using a blog to post your updates is that the blog affects your site’s search engine rankings while Twitter and Facebook do not.

As the hub to your Internet marketing efforts, you build your community while improving your search engine rankings

Once you set everything up, using your blog as the hub for your Internet marketing increases your marketing effectiveness with little or no extra effort. For instance, instead of posting directly to Twitter or Facebook, Slater’s 50/50 could post to their blog, which, thanks to plugins and apps, could do the posting to Twitter and Facebook or even to other sites. In this way, posts do double duty resulting with better positions in the organic (not paid) search results for their most important keywords and keep their followers and fans tied in automatically.

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