Yes, You Can Teach Old Sales and Marketing Dogs New Tricks

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Nov 02

If the motivation is strong enough, the sales dog will learn new tricks.

If the motivation is strong enough, the sales dog will learn new tricks.

American English has lots of interesting expressions and clichés. I like them because they tend to convey concepts or morals, as in “the moral of the story” is, like in melodramas. Good writers try to avoid them because they become so overused they lose their punch. Nevertheless, the moral of “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks” seems to be that as people age, they get so stuck in their ways that they refuse to learn.

People Once Considered Too Old to Learn New Skills Are Excelling at Internet Marketing

However valid that once was, in Internet marketing the leaders I like to follow are within five to ten years of my age. In some cases, like Judith & Jim, I know how old they are because they’ve told us. I turned 62 in June, by the way. I don’t recall how old Cathy Perkins, the WordPress Wizard, is; but I know from things she’s said she’s done that she’s around my age, maybe a little younger. Alex Mandossian, from what I know of him, fits in this group as do Jeff Herring, the Article Guy, and Tom Justin. One of the women in Soft Sell Marketers Association has told us she’s 74 and just getting a handle on Internet marketing.

While Alex has been at Internet marketing the longest of this group, most of them have come into Internet marketing in the past four to five years. Although I had a website seven ago, I didn’t have any traffic because I didn’t know how to get it. I’ve only been actively pursuing (reading, listening, learning about then applying) Internet marketing for two and a half years. This past year, thanks to instruction from all of the above people and so many more, I finally started to make money at this business.

How I Determined I’m “Old”

By the way, I’m using two standards to establish that I’m “old” for purposes of this article. First off, I’m finally old enough to collect Social Security, albeit the early retirement version. I always believed that that retirement meant “old.” And secondly, as a kid, my grandfather seemed “old.” As I have the pleasure of being a grandfather twice over thanks to Ian and Courtney, I rest my case. While I’m committed to lifelong learning, it’s obvious I’m not alone.

Curiosity &Motivation Trump Age on Whether Too Old to Learn New Tricks

The important factors are, therefore, not chronological age, i.e. how many birthdays you’ve had, but rather how curious you are and how strong your motivation to learn is. Do you feel you have a mission you still want to accomplish before you cross through the veil? Or does the thought of atrophying on the couch watching daytime television just curdle the juices in your stomach? Or do you just want to prove that you can still amass a fortune if you work smarter and harder? Whatever it takes, find something to inspire and motivate you. I assure you, you’ll continue to learn throughout your life. And you’ll have a richer life in more ways than money alone can ever give you.

Are You Still Young Enough to Learn How to Make the Internet Work for You?

So, you can teach old sales and marketing dogs new tricks. You just need to find the right treats to inspire them to make the effort. If you’ve found your own motivation and now want to learn how to create your own online business, I encourage you to check out Judith & Jim and Tom Justin’s outstanding course, First Step Internet Marketing . It’s organized for learning and is incredibly complete with step-by-step instruction on everything you need to know, as they say, “to go from your first step to your first dollar.” May your sales be fun, fulfilling and mutually rewarding.


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