Why Is Google+ Important for Small Businesses?

By John R. Aberle | Internet Marketing

Apr 04
Google map results for Covina area salons to illustrate “Why Is Google+ Important for Small Businesses?”

There are so many interesting social media sites available on the Internet that it can get frustrating to determine which sites you should invest time in. And the answer to that question is, “It depends …” It depends on where your ideal community hangs out. Where are your best prospects active? Take that thought further, where are they discussing business related issues? Some sites are so focused on the social that you’ll find them filled with online game scores and the like.

Google map results for Covina area salons to illustrate “Why Is Google+ Important for Small Businesses?”

Google+ Is More than Just a Social Networking Site

Based on this, why is Google+ important for your small business even if your community hasn’t yet moved there? Hayley is a small business owner and wondered the same thing. After all, she already has her salon on Facebook.

Of course, Hayley recognized that Google is the biggest search engine. Moreover, she already has her free Gmail account so she technically has a presence on Google+. But she hadn’t thought about the fact that Google+ is more than a social networking site.

The folks at Google are integrating all of their major components into one system where the component parts interact. As she began to think about what that means to her, she decided to set up her Google+ Profile and get her business page right away.

Reasons small business should use Google+

You might find, like Hayley, that these elements of the integrated Google platform mean you will benefit too by setting yourself and your small business up on Google+ right away:

  • Google Authorship – you can have your Google+ Profile picture appear with your posts when they show up in search.
  • Google+ Hangout – Hayley realized that she can use this free video conferencing program to share information on the latest beauty trends that affect her business thus firming up her status as an expert.
  • Google+ Live Stream on Air enables you to broadcast your Hangout live to YouTube, where it is automatically recorded (can be displayed on your website too)
  • Google+ Local Page – this feature of Google+ replaces the Google Places service. You too can get your small business location to show up on Google Maps like Hayley is going to do. Thus, when people do searches for local businesses like hers, they will find a listing with a pin. When someone selects her salon, Google displays a pin on the map plus her information – and any reviews.
  • Google+ Comments – Now YouTube uses Google+ Commnts instead of YouTube’s own comments. This way the comments show up on people’s streams on Google+. There’s a plugin that enables you to put it on your WordPress blog or website so, again, visitors’ comments show up in their Google+ streams.
  • Google+ posts are searchable on Google’s search engine.
  • Google+ circles – You create your own circles and put people into them based on interests or skills, not based on friendships or connections.
  • Google Hummingbird – Ever since Google changed its search algorithm with Hummingbird, they obsoleted the importance of things people used to use for search engine optimization, such as backlinks; now the key to search engine ranking is your engagement on social media. By the way, they look for true social engagement, not just business posts.

As you will find throughout How Relationship Selling Rewards Small Businesses, the key to long term and rewarding customer dealings lies in developing relationships. This clever linking of their different properties enhances your ability to develop relationships. In search engine terms, Google measures your relationships as engagement.

Google map results for Covina area hair salons to illustrate “Why Is Google+ Important for Small Businesses?”

In sum, you and your small business will benefit from getting a presence on Google+ now rather than later. Get your Gmail account, set up your profile then set up your Google+ Page as a Local page. Use Google+ as a powerful asset in your overall marketing plan and in your social media efforts. As your engagements increase, your search results will follow. Google then rewards your small business with increased generic traffic, which gives you the opportunity to develop more customer relationships.

Building your profits through strong relationships,


John R. Aberle, John R. Aberle, Aberle Enterprises

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