Why Aren’t You Reaching Your Greatest Dreams? Learn at Bridging Heart and Marketing IV

By John Aberle | Heart Centered Sales and Marketing

Oct 23
Picture of Judith & Jim, founders of Bridging Heart and Marketing conferences

Judith & Jim share insights into how to Magnify Your Excellence at Bridging Heart & Marketing IV

Have you done all of the positive affirmations, followed the goal setting advice, and visualized your dream fulfilled – but it has yet to become a reality physically? That’s probably because you have unconscious blocks holding you back. At Bridging Heart & Marketing IV, my friends Judith & Jim are speaking on “Magnify Your Excellence.”

Despite being psychologists, Judith & Jim experienced the fear of really stepping out to shine on a new, grander scale. When they went from being practicing psychologists and just marketing their relationship products to becoming leaders in heart centered, soft sell Internet marketing, they experienced fears too.

Having confronted their own fears and having learned how to rise above them, Judith & Jim created “Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous.” They will draw from this expertise for “Magnify Your Excellence,” to ”guide you to tap into and release your excellence as the foundation of your expertise and success online and off.”

It’s common sense that as a heart centered care giver or service provider, your business is intimately tied into your self-confidence, self-esteem and fears. On the other hand, this is true as much if you are a small business owner, soft sell salespeople or marketer. What you are is a bundle that affects how you project yourself and how well you allow people to know, like and trust you.  Regardless of where you fit here, you will gain from Judith & Jim’s “Magnify Your Excellence.”

Bridging Heart & Marketing IV has been a fabulous seminar with a lot of incredible content and hands-on exercises. The overall theme has been “Build your business as you grow yourself.” Many small businesses and many individuals just as things seem truly rosy for them “crash and burn” because, like Icarus, they got too close to the sun. They hadn’t grown themselves. Protect your growth. Listen to “Magnify Your Excellence” and apply the exercises.

By the way, even though tomorrow’s session by Judith & Jim is the closing session for Bridging Heart & Marketing IV, the downloads, the speakers notes and the bonuses will remain available for you to order at your convenience. I can’t begin to tell you how valuable this conference has been. Insights I’ve gained from most of the speakers have been worth the very affordable registration price by themselves.

So why aren’t you reaching your greatest dreams? Learn at Bridging Heart & Marketing IV. And do the exercises Judith & Jim give during “Magnify Your Excellence.” You’ll find that you are better able to build your business as you grow yourself. Realize that it truly costs you money – and personal satisfaction – when you delay. If you could be operating at a higher level and aren’t because of your unconscious, internal blocks, you are the one missing out. So, for your own sake, act now. Register today.

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My first Kindle eBook, How Relationship Selling Rewards Small Businesses, went live on April 24, 2012. https://amzn.to/2BaP2AH I've lived a lifetime of service and spiritual search so it's natural for me to incorporate these attitudes into my work. I believe that selling and marketing are spiritual service when done with a heart-centered, relationship selling approach. All of business success comes down to building strong relationships.