When You Are Stumped for New Content for Your Community

By John R. Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Apr 29

For decades Frank was committed to relationship sales & marketing. When he moved into Internet marketing, he became a prolific author who occasionally experienced writer’s block. It wasn’t that he had nothing to say. There were so many things he could write about, but he had to decide what would deliver a solution to a problem his members might actually have.

There was another dimension to Frank’s problem with writer’s block. He’d been taught that each marketing piece should contain a call to action, and for that he needed a product that would serve those in his community. Since he had no product of his own to promote, he needed an affiliate product.

So, how did he find an affiliate product? He knew there were options. He could develop a relationship with marketers and join their affiliate programs. Or he could turn to affiliate networks like ClickBank, JVZoo or CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction). Frank found that he preferred a new affiliate network called DUvisio because of several features it offers like instant pay with minimal risk of affiliate fraud.

Meme using Sheila Finkelstein’s picture of an orange with Emeril Lagasse’s quote

One use of these photos is to create a meme related for the food, cooking, restaurants, fruits and vegetables, diet, proper eating, health, or fitness industries or niches.

Now that he decided on his affiliate option, the next challenge Frank faced was finding a product he could stand behind with integrity that would serve his particular niche of heart-centered small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Frank knew that among other things, all marketers need to drive traffic and especially to improve engagement with his community. One of the best ways to get views and to generate engagement is to do content marketing, but research shows that written text alone isn’t enough these days.

For instance, in May 2012, MDG Advertising published an infographic, “It’s All about the Images.” It had a particularly important statistic for anyone wanting to increase the readability of their content, whether online or off line, like printed sales & marketing collateral: “Articles containing relevant images gets 94 percent more views than articles without images, on average.”

An orange slice background with an overlay of a red and green graph to depict 94% more views for an article with a relevant image

Another use of these photos is to create a infographic – Ideally, the audience of the article reached with this infographic is related to food, cooking, restaurants, fruits and vegetables, diet, proper eating, health, or fitness industries or niches.

By buying Sheila Finkelstein’s “Fruits and Vegetables – Royalty Free Stock Photos” from the DUvisio affiliate network you avoid the severe penalties of copyright infringement.

David Perdew, the founder of the MyNAMS Insiders Club and the Novice to Advanced Marketing System or NAMS, describes the risk you have taking a photo off the Internet and using it without permission:

Use an image without purchasing a license BEFORE you use it and you’ve broken the law…

The agencies can collect what’s called damages as established in the courts – up to $3000 per instance is acceptable to the court, but not to you obviously.

An image that you could have purchased a one-time use license for less than $3 will cost you up to $3000 per infraction.


Sheila’s package contains 100 images of fruits and vegetables that are royalty free, unlimited use – including commercial use. You can send out to your community about these images or get them for your own use. (Note: This is an affiliate product.)

Be aware that not all “public domain” pictures are free to use for commercial purposes. If you make an affiliate commission or royalty for anything related to the site on which you post your article with an image, that use is considered commercial even though the article in which it appears isn’t selling anything.  As I’m not an attorney and am not giving legal advice, check with an intellectual property rights attorney if you have any questions about copyright law. Or to avoid that expense and hassle, just buy Sheila’s bundle of 100 pictures: ALL – ROYALTY FREE • EXTENDED LICENSE • UNLIMITED USE, presently available for only $17.

If you use images of fruits and vegetables in your articles, emails, physical mailings, social media posts or even on physical things like mugs, hats and shirts, take advantage of this low priced package. Remember, content with relevant images gets 94% more views. And the license saves you a potentially huge fines for copyright infringement.

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As of this writing, this bundle of 100 photos of fruits and vegetables is only $17, a small price to pay for “All – Royalty Free • Extended License • Unlimited Use” images when the penalty for copyright infringement is astronomical. Even if copyright isn’t an issue to you, if you need produce pictures, the value of the time save searching for public domain commercial use photos is far less than this small payment.

 Note: This article was originally posted April 29, 2016 and titled “Use Affiliate Products for Content to Mail Your Community,”




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