When Disaster Strikes, Are You Ready?

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Feb 11

Last Friday, one of my consultant friends sent me an email about disaster preparedness. Living in California, this is something most of the people I know prefer to ignore yet it’s an ever present fact of life. Basically, there is no area of the country truly exempt from some potential disaster: hurricanes, tornados, floods, and earthquakes. While this is not strictly speaking a sales and marketing issue, the whole purpose of sales and marketing is for a business to survive and thrive. Given this viewpoint, I asked permission to share the following email. Tom and his friends all agreed:

My friends called me Tuesday night because their 15 year old daughter ran away.
That kept us up until after 1:00 AM when she was found safe.

Wednesday night, I went to a scheduled disaster preparedness workshop. The
presenter showed the familiar images of Northridge, Katrina and other disasters,
projected on a very large screen; that had a much larger impact than seeing the
pictures on TV.

Here are some things I learned from these two events that you can use for your
children, your parents, or yourself.

Those ubiquitous, small flashlights with LEDs and other light sources are nice in
some places. But when it is dark and there is no electricity, such as in a park or after
an earthquake, you need a large, multi-cell flashlight to see where you are walking
and to illuminate possible threats.

Thanks to digital photography we have lots of photos of families and friends. The
downside is we rarely have paper prints of those people to show to others such as
fast food restaurants as we say “Have you seen her?” The upside is the digital
images can be e-mailed to the police department and electronically forwarded to the
squad cars.

Speaking of digital, PDAs and smart phones with names, addresses, phone
numbers, and medical information such as prescriptions, can have the data police
and other involved parties need.

Cell phones with built in GPS can help find people, but the person must be carrying

There have been twice as many earthquakes in California and around the world
during the first month of 2009 as there were in previous years. We are due for a big

That earthquake kit in your home must be duplicated in the car.

The workshop was taught by April Kelcy of www.EarthquakeSolutions.com . Go to
her web site for future events and products. I just printed out the instructions on how
to get water out of my water heater.

Now look at how ready you are.

Tom Lenzo,
Business & Technology Consultant

I hope that these tips will prove helpful to you and maybe help prepare you better for whatever challenges, besides the economy, that life has in store for you. If you never need them, I will be truly happy for you. In that case, let’s focus on growing your business in a way that’s fun and mutually rewarding for you and your customers.


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