What Are Your Plans For 2011?

By John Aberle | Small Business Management

Jan 02
picture of fireworks with Happy 2011So what are your plans for 2011? Have you made plans? Or have you given up on planning and just decided to let what comes, come? The following thoughts should help if you are looking for how to make 2011 better than ever for yourself. Although there is so much more to life than just money, you might want to consider the ideas in this next paragraph because the lack of money causes a lot of the stress on relationships.
Technique to align with abundance
For the first time ever, Dorothy and I coordinated our income goals for the New Year. Previously, we started using a wonderful technique from Robert Kiyosaki to put ourselves in harmony with the mindset of abundance by depositing money daily into separate containers for Generosity, Savings, and Income. Recently I added one for Fun too, which includes travel and vacations. At that time, without thinking about this action setting my income goal for the next year, I decided to mentally increase my daily contribution to each “piggy bank.” I visualized depositing a vastly larger amount, one I intend to actually deposit as my cash flow allows.
As I set my goals like church tithing of 10%, here’s how you can work with this. Each category of daily deposits is the same so the 4 categories amount to 40% of my income.
Here are some examples:
Daily Deposit
Daily Income x 10% = daily deposit
Amount of Deposit
Daily Deposit amount divided by 10% = Daily Income
Daily Income
$10 / 10%
$25 / 10%
$40 / 10%
$75 / 10%
Daily Income
Days / year
Annual Income
People contributing
Total Family Annual Income
Friday, I used this figure to back into my annual income from Internet marketing for 2011. As Dorothy deposits the same amount, I then doubled it to see what our combined income will be. I checked with her about this and found that she had independently come to roughly the same figure.
If you have done something similar, like a daily donation to your charities, you can do the same thing to back into your income goal. Obviously, you can go from the other end of deciding what your annual goal is without this exercise.
The reason for this particular exercise was to determine what I had unconsciously already set as my goal. My “decision” will manifest physically more easily if I am in alignment with the figure I subconsciously set when I visualized increasing my deposits. By the way, actually dropping money into a can or envelope for each category gives you a kinetic action to make your visualization stronger.
What are your plans for 2011? Assuming you are still looking for insights, this particular article covers only one way to decide your financial goal. While my dreams cover many areas besides finances, money makes it easier to pursue some of them. For instance, income enables me to give to my church and to my favorite charities. So whatever your reason you have for wanting to end 2011 financially ahead of 2010, I invited you to set a daily deposit amount then back into what annual income that will tally up to for the year. Use visualization, i.e. your imagination, to see or feel yourself contributing the average daily amount that will get you where you want to be.
Free Gifts to Improve Your 2011
I’ll be making additional suggestions in future posts. In the meantime, if you want other ideas to make changes for a better 2011, I invite you to check out this Christmas Greetings Giveaway.  I know we’re past Christmas but the giveaways will be good for a few days longer. When it does end, I’ll find another for you. I hope 2011 finds you better in every way, including financially and personally.
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