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By John R. Aberle | Internet Marketing

Nov 08
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One of the challenges Jill faced in building her reputation as an expert in her industry is that many terms mean different things to different people. She wanted to be able to create blog posts that generally ran 400 to 1,500 words. If she had to explain every term for the people who were new to her niche, a 700 word article could easily bloat to 2,000 words. She found the ideal solution in a Blogging Toolbox, bundle of plugins for her WordPress blog. 

Image of Blogging Toolbox logo for “Use Blogging Toolbox to Create a Custom Computer Glossary”

 One module in particular addressed Jill’s concerns, the MyInstantGlossary plugin. This glossary plugin takes advantage of the main reason people get on the Internet: they want information. People search for answers and information. This thirst for content explains the numerous wiki’s have exploded on the Internet. The sixth most popular site globally on the Internet is Wikipedia.

 Ten Advantages Gained with MyInstantGlossary

The follow list gives ten advantages to adding MyInstantGlossary to your plugins:

  • Number one, you serve your community better by making explanations readily available with simple definitions available just by scrolling over the word or phrase.
  • A glossary helps establish your status as an expert.
  • You can make definitions available for those who aren’t sure what you mean because they don’t have the in-depth background you have.
  • You can write to the different levels of awareness that visitors to your site have, everywhere from unaware of the problems you can solve for them to those who are well aware of you and your products and services.
  • You can explain any conflict you have with more generally held views. Be sure to clarify when it’s your opinion as this will enhance your credibility.
  • MyInstantGlossary Pro will pull your other articles automatically and list them at the end of your glossary definition so your visitors can search for greater background, all on your site with your articles.
  • Because of the way that MyInstantGlossary was designed, your glossary entries create deep links within your site, which the search engines have always valued more highly than shallow, one level deep links.
  • You can insert videos and audios to better serve visitors, by making information available in multiple formats so people who prefer to listen or watch over reading can easily consume your information.
  • Because these answers and links to your other articles encourage visitors to check out additional pages and spend more time on your site, the search engines, especially Google, will judge you to have more engagement, which increases search engine ranking naturally.
  • You can monetize your posts by including affiliate links in the Glossary entries too.

 Because MyInstantGlossary lets her provide a depth of answers, it was the reason Blogging Toolbox first appealed to Jill. Nevertheless, each of the other modules increases visitor engagement and better serves your community or tribe. Jill recognized that the above ten points enable her to greatly improve her status both with visitors and search engines.

 If you, like Jill, want to build your credibility while serving your visitors with greater detail for those who need the background, then buy your copy of Blogging Toolbox today and watch your customer engagement increase in analytics. 

Building your profits through strong relationships,


 John R. Aberle, Your Retiree Business, a division of Aberle Enterprises

 P.S. My affiliate link for Blogging Toolbox has details about the other modules. If you really want only MyInstantGlossary, you can order it separately.

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