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By John Aberle | Relationship Selling

Jan 21

You don’t have to be an Internet marketer or even a sales & marketing professional to appreciate the value of a good emailing list. For instance, on the Author Hangout podcasts of BookMarketingTools.com, successful author after successful author advise their peers to build that email list of fans. Unless you have an advertising budget like Pfizer Inc., a pharmaceutical company, you need a better way to remind customers regularly about who you are.

PowerPoint Flowchart showing Automatic Email from Blog Post

How to Get Your Posts into Your Autoresponder

Assuming you are posting to a blog or website regularly, you have content that you can repurpose just by sending an email out about it with a link to that article. You can do this manually like I used to, which means that it often didn’t get sent out because of the extra time and effort. Or, you can automate the process like I do now with MailChimp. By the way, the other major autoresponder services will usually have the same type of service.

All you need is the RSS feed from your blog. With WordPress.org blogs, this is so easy because the WordPress software automatically creates an RSS feed for you. To find your RSS feed, read this article on WordPress.org, “Where can I find my blog’s RSS feed address?”  You can automate your emails so that every blog post gets sent out to your mailing list.

So why do you even care about creating an email list? After all, there are numerous writers telling you that email is dead. In reality, email is alive and well, at least for now.  People who do it right are still getting results from their email lists.

A big reason some feel that email is passé lies in what they mail. Among the factors though that affect whether people will read your emails are the following:

  • Whether your title caught their attention
  • Their past experience with your emails
  • How much they like what you write

Whether Your Title Caught Their Attention

The biggest factor in their deciding to read your email is how relevant the title sounded to what they are concerned about at the moment they read it.

Their Past Experience with Your Emails

If they find that every email is simply a sales pitch, whether they like you or not, they are likely to eventually ignore your emails. To improve the likelihood of their at least looking at your emails, include relevant tips or something meaningful in every email. Thus, whether they buy your current product offer or not, they will feel that their time was well invested.

How Much They Like What You Write

This point is especially relevant to authors. When readers love your books, they look forward to your announcements and your emails, especially if you include content or information on the characters, back story, or upcoming books. Successful authors on Author Hangouts stress that a mailing enables you to stay in touch with your readers, whatever happens in the book industry.

The same principle applies to you if you are a consultant, entrepreneur, or small businesses. Stay in touch with your clients and customers. Remind them regularly of the value that you bring to the relationship. Prove your expertise by publishing simple to understand stories about how your products or services made another customer’s life better. Turn a technical issue into something easy to understand. You’re building a relationship so they will know, like and trust you.

And keep it relatively short. One of the great things about using the RSS feed is that it can provide an excerpt, i.e. a snippet of the whole article. Then if it catches their attention they can click on the link to read the whole post on your website.

In marketing terms, this allows you to stay top of mind. You may have a good relationship but failing to stay in touch means that you aren’t relevant when they want to buy.

The beauty of using RSS feeds with your autoresponder is that your email host, like MailChimp, can send out the excerpt of your article when it is published. This means that you get to automatically turn your posts into emails saving you time and effort to send it. This keeps you “top of mind” with your customers who because of the value you put in each post and email, will actually look forward to your communication.

Building your profits through strong relationships,


John R. Aberle, Scriberle

Aberle Enterprises

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