Triple Power Play Uses Google+ Hangout as 1/3rd of Traffic & Conversions Strategy

By John Aberle | Small Business Management

Mar 07
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Triple Power Play takes advantage of Google’s new Google+ Hangout as the foundation of their link triangulation strategy to build traffic & conversions. The beauty of this workshop is that most people haven’t fully appreciated how to apply this tool to grow their small businesses. Screenshot of Ken Krell on sales page for Triple Power Play Traffic & Conversions workshop

It reminds me of Frank who had an opportunity about 20 years ago to invest in a new technology related to digital telephones. He lacked the vision at that time to see the need because America already had cell phones. These original cell phones were analog devices instead of digital, but Frank didn’t understand the competitive edge digital would have so it was a missed opportunity.

Fast forward 20 years – most people today call their digital phones cell phones because they aren’t even aware of the old analog phones. It’s challenging to stay on top of all of the changes in the world today because of how fast new things are flying at you.

Missed Opportunities Abound

How many regrets do you have about a missed opportunity that could have made your small business soar ahead of your competition? How many major businesses have you seen go by the wayside in your life? Just look at the rash of airline mergers. How about Yahoo! and Bing learning to play nice so as to remain competitive with Google? Do you remember Facebook has made them an ‘also ran.’

Opportunity to Learn from Experts at Internet Marketing Strategy

Here’s an opportunity to gain an edge on your competitors before most of them even realize that this technology is available. If they are like Frank, they won’t even realize the importance when you tell them about the technology. Gina Gaudio-Graves, my Internet marketing mentor for 2.5 years is partnering with Ken Krell to present their Triple Power Play Traffic & Conversions workshop in a couple of weeks.

Key to Conversions

First things first – the key to getting sales, known as conversions in Internet marketing, is developing a relationship with your visitors. You do this by engaging them. Help them to know, like and trust you by speaking about what they care about. Best of all, listen to them.

Google+ Hangout Is Only the First Third

Google has recently come out with Google+ Hangout. It’s free. And it enables people to see you or your screen and lets you interact with them by live streaming the hangout. What’s really cool is that when you live stream to YouTube, it saves the session there. But there is more to engaging your audience than some clever new technology.

There is even more to making these new tools get you great search engine rankings. As I indicated, the main thing is to serve your community or prospects well. But to get the traffic to serve more people will take direction from those with the expertise to recognize the opportunity and to show you how to apply it to your small or entrepreneurial business.

Link Triangulation

It’s the combination of how to use these with the link triangulation system to most effectively generate backlinks that is so amazing. Google, in particular, uses backlinks as part of their determining your value to searchers, page rank (PR) and your authority status, which starts at a PR 5.

White Hat Strategy and Tactics

Link triangulation techniques are honest, ‘white hat tools’ that work with the intentions of the search engines especially to provide information in a way that serves their searchers. A lot of Internet marketers teach ways to game the system so as to get lots of traffic. Then when Google, Yahoo! and Bing change their algorithms (the formulas for how they will rank sites and posts), your money is blown because the black hat techniques quit working.

White hat training will continue to perform because it is based on serving the searchers. I know from 2.5 years of experience with Gina Gaudio-Graves and prior online conferences with Ken Krell that you will get tremendous value out of their weekend workshop, March 23rd and 24th. To be sure you know enough to apply this training, they will follow up with a Q&A (questions and answers) call on the Saturday, April 6th.

Are Google+ Hangout and this link triangulation system going to be another missed opportunity for your small business? Or, will you get the training now and apply this mostly free approach to get a jump on your competitors? You can sign up now at Triple Power Play Traffic & Conversion Workshop to develop your own traffic & conversions strategy.

Building your profits through strong relationships,


John R. Aberle, John R. Aberle, Aberle Enterprises

P.S.  Go now to see the Triple Power Play strategy workshop preview.

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