Thanksgiving – heart-centered sales and marketing thrives on a spirit of gratitude

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Nov 25
My privilege each Thanksgiving Day is carving the turkey.

My privilege each Thanksgiving Day is carving the turkey.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s filled with abundance including feelings of love and family plus food including my favorite turkey and Dorothy’s favorite, pumpkin pie which she bakes. There are family recipes we enjoy year to year, like the cranberry relish Mother always made with fresh cranberries. It’s thrilling to see the next generation active in helping prepare the family meal for 20 to 21 members of our extended family.

A day to appreciate the good things in life

Most of all, I love that Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude for all of the blessings of the prior year, even those that don’t look initially like blessing. Additionally, it’s free of the anxiety of gifts, both giving and receiving.

Over 20 years ago a friend taught me the value of keeping a gratitude journal. In sales and marketing we often talk about how important attitude is to a person’s success. Customers and clients want someone who’s upbeat, positive, who sees the opportunity to help them improve their situation.

Wish I’d learned earlier the value of focusing on gratitude

I know that as well as I have done in sales, I could have succeeded to an even higher level had I recognized that commiserating with people about how bad things are or how tough we have it puts them into a defensive, protect what I already have mindset while it simultaneously dropped me out of a position of positive expectancy. It’s tough to help customers buy when we are both in a negative frame of mind. Filing your heart with gratitude for the people, experiences and opportunities in your life will boost your desire to use heart-centered, soft sell sales and marketing to grow your business relationships too. 

Gratitude journal helped change my attitude

So writing in my gratitude journal has helped me to gradually change my perspective. I’m learning to reframe experiences to change from looking at the negative side of an event to seeking the seed of blessing that it contains. In the process of changing my attitude, I find more contentment, peace and joy in my life.

My year in review covers 17 major groups

I just wrote some 96 entries in my gratitude journal for today in preparation for writing this article. I’ve narrowed it down to 17 major categories.

1. Family, both mine and Dorothy’s – our parents, siblings, children, and grandchildren
2. Friends who have been especially helpful and supportive
3. People I’ve met, some only online, yet who have been supportive
4. People I’ve reconnected with
5. Clients – they’re the reason I have a business
6. People I haven’t seen this year or only briefly but still feel affection for
7. Jobs and income earned
8. Opportunities – for me this category covers the writers’ group, an interview, and a panelist for an online conference
9. Compliments and testimonials
10. Trips, vacation and outings (Fun)
11. Good books, good movies, good TV shows
12. Health and those who help me maintain it
13. Social networking sites and other free online services
14. Reference resources like Wikipedia and the Pasadena Public Library
15. Training – physical conferences and online ones
16. Spiritual guidance, church
17. Little luxuries and pleasures

Thanksgiving provides a golden opportunity to review the blessings in your life. I invite you to use my list as a start for your own. I think you’ll find giving thanks fills your heart with attractive energy. Heart-centered, soft sell sales and marketing thrives on a spirit of gratitude. I invite you to share what you like best about Thanksgiving in the Comments below.


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