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By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Jul 22

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Tech support affects customers' image of the company

I love working with other professionals who have skills and knowledge I don’t have. This post is a thank you to four talented people who pulled my blogging bacon out of the fire.

I’ve been tied up for a few days now trying to correct the fact that my blog’s front page would not redirect to the full page article. I thought the problem was due to having tried to do a backup and having it lock up on me. So I loaded an old back up on an alternate domain name on my other hosting account, HostGator.

There were technical challenges with the restore. Getting everything working correctly took three different HostGator Live (email) tech support calls. Their people were wonderful! Amazingly talented and helpful. That blog is working though I only have posts from 5/18/10 back. The HostGator techs were Matthew Jo, Mitchell Bo, and Ryan Fr.

Then in a last ditch effort to get all of my posts back, I contacted Yahoo! I know, I should have done that first. However, Yahoo! makes it plain that they won’t support WordPress – technically HostGator doesn’t either but their techs were able to help me get up and running with my backup restored – there were some corrupted files.

Today Alan at Yahoo! did the amazing. He did get me back running. It looked initially like the problem might not have been strictly WordPress so he was able to pursue it. In the end, it was two things. I had a Tweetback table that was vastly overloaded to the tune of 70,000 items that blocked his repair program. Frankly, I wasn’t aware that I still had it on my blog because I thought I’d gotten rid of it when I found people using Tweetbacks as spam.

Finally, I had installed a plugin to do permalinks that deactivated the Yahoo! Permalink plugin. Yahoo! has so much security on their site that you must stick with only their Permalink plugin. So that is all restored now.

Thank you, HostGator Tech Support, your people were all persistent, polite, and effective. Thank you to Alan at Yahoo!Tech Support because I suspect you went above and beyond to get my blog functioning again. People who love what they do and love giving service are such a treat to work with. My wish for all of you is that you can find customer service like my tech support experience whenever you too need help.

Please check out the full posts on articles you find helpful to your business. It’s such a kick when things work right!


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