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Feb 03

Strategy for a Small Business Marketing Campaign

By John Aberle | Marketing Strategies

One of the services and functions of Aberle Enterprises is to be a clearinghouse for information that can benefit small businesses enabling them to build profits through strong relationships. The following article, How small business can exploit Groupon, is one such article that can help your business with some very important insights, especially on developing a strategy for your small business marketing campaign.

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Aug 22

Heart Centered Business Reading List

By John Aberle | Heart Centered Sales and Marketing

I originally created this post as a page to talk about my Amazon associate store with some of my favorite books by authors I feel have important advice to contribute to your studies of heart centered business. When a friend said he had a problem finding my Amazon Store, I decided to redo this portion of my site so this is now a post and my Amazon Associate Store tab will go directly to the store.

The primary category is sales. I chose authors I feel write about primarily heart centered, soft sell sales and marketing. In Marketing, I have people who will expand your thinking about marketing. I also added a category for Management and Customer Service as well as one for Leadership and Creativity. Customer Service is core to maintaining your customer relationships. In order to achieve your business goals, you need to set yourself apart from the rest of the marketplace. I consider leadership and creativity to be important to finding your niche and your unique appeal or unique selling proposition.

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May 31

Hard Sell Intervention Ad Disrespects Customers

By John Aberle | Attitude , Business Lifestyle , Business Systems , Monetize Your Business , Passion & Purpose , Relationship Selling , Sales and Marketing , Soft Sell

There’s a marketing struggle for survival going on amongst the traditional, generally hard sell marketers. They are finding it harder to grab people’s attention and offer something new and exciting. The latest hard sell ad is a television commercial in which a discount fashion store chain shows friends conducting an intervention to save another friend from over spending on the fashions she could get for less at Marshalls / TJ Maxx. This attitude shows disrespect for customers’ judgment.

You may feel that I am making a big deal out of nothing; it’s simply advertising and a humorous effort at that. In this case, I disagree. The Marshalls / TJ Maxx TV commercial shows an attitude that is prevalent in hard sell sales and marketing: I have the right to decide for you that you need to buy my product. Because I know better than you do, I can use guilt, pressure or other manipulations to control your actions.

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