Saturday, February 25, 2017
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Travel for vacation exposes the sharp marketer to new ideas and other business’ ways of doing things to spark your creativity for products, services and joint ventures.

Two additional examples besides the “Adventure to Santa” show how small businesses can use joint ventures. There are three keys necessary for a successful JV.

Offline or brick-and-mortar small businesses have always wished for 100% commission-only sales people. Joint ventures and affiliates can actually fulfill that wish.

For 7 years, Gina Gaudio-Graves successfully made her living as a joint venture broker earning commissions sufficient for $40,000 a month in medical expenses.

Can you see how forming alliances to generate revenue could be applied to your small business too? So how do you make it happen? Use the Golden Rule of Alliances and JV’s.

If you’ve invented or created a world changing innovation but the world hasn’t beat a path to your door, your solution could be finding a JV partner at the Joint Venture Summit.

What does sales and marketing strategy have to do with knowing how to make a profit? Frankly, a lot. Very few businesses succeed without some sales and marketing program. When I was a child, the story was that the founder of The Hersey Company, who made Hershey’s chocolate, refused to ever advertise. Well, if you […]