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Jun 13

Do You Really Need to Use Checklists in Your Small Business?

By John Aberle | Small Business Tips

Have you ever wondered do you really need to use checklists in your small business? The answer to that is, it depends. Just how important is it that everything is done right? What will it cost you to miss a step or forget something? Although manufacturers wanting global business with major corporations use checklists as part of their quality movement, checklists are useful to small businesses too. John R. Aberle’s Jing video presents Small Business Productivity Tips on uses for checklists in your small business.

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Jun 18

Time Enough But No More — If

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle , Business Systems , Monetize Your Business , Passion & Purpose , Relationship Selling , Soft Sell

No matter how noble your efforts and how much you want to help people, each of us only has 24 hours in a day. For most business purposes, the time to work with prospects and customers tends to be significantly less. After too many hours, I lose enthusiasm and energy so eight to ten hours is my practical limit normally. I find too that as much as I love my work, I need downtime to refresh and recharge. Still there is time enough but no more, if I manage my time well, to reach the prospects and customers I need to.

The point here is that none of us has an unlimited supply of time. So how do we grow our businesses then? We do it by identifying our Ideal Customer Profile, narrow down the suspects to only those who are likely to benefit from your products and services. This approach is soft sell sales and marketing.

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Jun 10

The World Is Not Your Oyster When It Comes to Sales

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle , Business Systems , Monetize Your Business , Passion & Purpose , Relationship Selling , Sales and Marketing

Stop wasting your time, effort, and money trying to sell to the whole world. It takes discipline to train yourself to narrow your efforts to your best effect. I too have to discipline myself: soft sell sales and soft sell marketing appeal mostly to small business owners and people who care about developing long term relationships. Yet we find it tempting to be available to anyone and everyone who might want to buy our products. We don’t want to miss out on any sale. The whole world is our oyster. Not so.

The people who thrive are those who identify their niche and tightly focus on what they do that appeals to that specific group. That’s why I strongly encourage everyone in soft sell sales and soft sell marketing to determine your ideal customer profile. Prospects who match that have the greatest likelihood of wanting and feeling they need your products and services because such problems are common to people and companies like your best customers. Help customers buy because it works for them. You’ll find your sales more fun and the results mutually rewarding.

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Apr 25

Soft Sell Marketers Naturally Focus on Prospects Matching Their Ideal Customer

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle , Business Systems , Monetize Your Business , Passion & Purpose , Relationship Selling , Sales and Marketing

I had fun Thursday consulting with a husband and wife team, small business owners, on sales and marketing for their flow control manufacturing company. This is one of the few times, if not the first, that my CMTC (California Manufacturing Technology Consultants) client was already gathering information on the profile for their target prospects.

Soft sell sales and soft sell marketing are about developing relationships based on people who know, like, and trust you. When you identify what your best customers have in common, you can seek prospects who match those traits. When you speak to a real problem they want and need to fix, you are going to find them more open to discussing what you can do to help them. Provide information and show you sincerely care about them. You’ll be able to help customers buy. And both you and your customer will enjoy the process more and find it mutually rewarding. As one of my clients said Monday, that kind of sale is “a rush.” It’s not just about the money. It’s about the relationship.

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