Saturday, February 25, 2017
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Travel for vacation exposes the sharp marketer to new ideas and other business’ ways of doing things to spark your creativity for products, services and joint ventures.

Earning customer loyalty goes beyond just providing great customer loyalty programs. It means understanding what customers want and providing that. Something is added value only when your customer feels it is.

While customer loyalty programs are popular with all customers, they are effective only if the basics are covered first. You provide what they buy from you. With services it becomes difficult because they only become tangible when something happens. This article gives 3 examples of companies earning customer loyalty by creating added value.

(Technorati: AUZ2VQHDJ5SU ) Will’s decision to cancel thousands of Amazon Associates’ accounts because they are in California or in other states that passed Internet sales tax laws affect you? These laws require Internet marketing companies, like, to collect sales tax anywhere they have affiliates. If you use Amazon as one of your revenue […]

What does sales and marketing strategy have to do with knowing how to make a profit? Frankly, a lot. Very few businesses succeed without some sales and marketing program. When I was a child, the story was that the founder of The Hersey Company, who made Hershey’s chocolate, refused to ever advertise. Well, if you […]

Have you ever felt like a wallet, not a person when dealing with some customer loyalty programs? Yet others work extra ordinarily well. So, what is at the heart of a successful customer loyalty program?

Interestingly, it’s heart. It’s a matter of caring more about the people who are your customers than about getting the immediate sale. Build the relationship. Deal with the person first. The wallet will follow when they are ready.