Saturday, February 25, 2017
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Does your brand definition allow you upsells and product growth while keeping you core focus on your ideal customers and their problems?

What does sales and marketing strategy have to do with knowing how to make a profit? Frankly, a lot. Very few businesses succeed without some sales and marketing program. When I was a child, the story was that the founder of The Hersey Company, who made Hershey’s chocolate, refused to ever advertise. Well, if you […]

Have you ever felt like a wallet, not a person when dealing with some customer loyalty programs? Yet others work extra ordinarily well. So, what is at the heart of a successful customer loyalty program?

Interestingly, it’s heart. It’s a matter of caring more about the people who are your customers than about getting the immediate sale. Build the relationship. Deal with the person first. The wallet will follow when they are ready.

Are you happy with your customer retention or would you like tools to help build your profits through strong relationships. As you’ve probably heard again and again, the cheapest sale is one to a satisfied return customer. In addition, if they are really happy with you, they love telling people about you, your products and […]

If you’re like most people, the image you have of consultants is of someone who goes around and tells you all the places to cut costs and cut expenses. And that is one type of consultant. I did it for … Continue reading

Bridging Heart and Marketing IV’s Keynote program tonight is “Build Your Business As You Grow Your Self.” Judith & Jim, foremost advocates for heart based, soft sell sales and marketing, will begin the main part of this virtual conference by covering the theme.

I have found most of my small business clients operate from the same attitude as most care givers. We want to provide what our customers want and need. People grow their business until they can’t handle it anymore because they didn’t grow too. If you want to someday to build your business to 50% more or twice as large or even ten times the size it is now, I assure you, you need to grow yourself to be the person able to handle that much increase without subconsciously undermining yourself to get back to your comfort zone.

Tonight at 5:30 PM, Bridging Heart & Marketing IV opens as a virtual conference. The idea of building your business appeals to all small business owners and sales and marketing professionals. However, you may never have realized that in order to increase your sales – and profits – you need to also become the person capable of handling that larger business. In other words, you need to grow yourself.

Although Judith & Jim focus on heart centered professionals, their topics and training are relevant to all heart based business people. Sales and marketing people and small business owners who put their customers ahead of immediate gains will learn the tools and techniques needed to raise their sales and profits while keeping their integrity.

One of the biggest problems for inexperienced salespeople is to use price as their main negotiating and closing tool. If their prospects say no, they immediately drop the price hoping to magically hit a point where the prospects say, “Why not?” Then because the price was so low as to be irresistible, they buy. Frankly, that’s a pipe dream and rarely works.

It’s vital to your having a profitable business for you and your sales reps to learn how to resist the urge to give away your services. Ironically, had these green salespeople a first used heart centered approach, they probably would have gotten the sales with more profit. But this isn’t just a problem for inexperienced salespeople. Most heart centered salespeople do it too.

Have you heard marketers tell you that you need a unique selling proposition or UPS? They’re right – provided you understand what they’re really saying. Usually when we talk about unique selling propositions, the emphasis is on unique. That is, and should be, the primary point. However, at the same time, we often ignore the word selling as being vital to the USP. The really important consideration is that if no one cares, it’s not a unique selling proposition.

It either contributes to being able to make the sale or it’s really just a unique proposition, which for business purposes is useless. As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – just so with unique selling propositions. Remember here that the customers are the ones who determine value.
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I recently encountered a vendor who could not understand one of the basic concepts in sales and marketing: people love a bargain and are inclined to buy more if there is a special. I’m sure you are familiar with this idea as many successful marketers create package prices to encourage buyers to purchase more. One of the easiest ways to increase sales is to offer bundled packages. The trick is to get the pricing right so that you both entice customers to buy more now and still make a profit. Continue reading