Saturday, February 25, 2017
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Soon warnings on Google, Firefox and Microsoft Edge/Bing/Internet Explorer will prevent visitors getting to your unsecured site. Act now to install SSL certificates.

In a two-pronged move, Google is moving to force all websites to become secure. Install your SSL certificate and show you are https or else.

Using Canva’s free templates, a small business owner or entrepreneur can easily create an infographic to repurpose existing content for more mileage.

This analysis of a heart-centered marketer’s sales page shows you how you can create a powerful relationship selling sales page of your own.

Does your brand definition allow you upsells and product growth while keeping you core focus on your ideal customers and their problems?

Travel for vacation exposes the sharp marketer to new ideas and other business’ ways of doing things to spark your creativity for products, services and joint ventures.

Tarek and Christina’s split reminds entrepreneurs and small business owners to plan alternatives when thinking of bringing in a partner or co-owner.

Two additional examples besides the “Adventure to Santa” show how small businesses can use joint ventures. There are three keys necessary for a successful JV.

How many times over your lifetime have you visited Santa Claus before Christmas, whether to go yourself as a child or to take your own children to see him? Did they get somewhat monotonous with the basics always being the same, just some of the frills and decorations changing?  Have you ever experienced a really […]

Commercially successful creativity comes from combining products & services in new ways.