Social Entrepreneurship Finds a Home in DUvisio

By John R. Aberle | Heart Centered Sales and Marketing

Nov 20
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Do you desire to do more than merely make money with your business? Do you yearn to use your business to do good in the world? Does being a social entrepreneur appeal to you? If so, you have a lofty dream and a worthy purpose, one that means you should understand Gina Gaudio-Graves and her dream for DUvisio – and how it can help you reach your goal.

When she was in college, Gina had a big dream and a plan for her life. She mapped out her career to reach her dream of teaching law. That meant becoming a lawyer first to get real-world experience as a practicing attorney. Then, she would teach law. Things were moving forward. She was a practicing attorney when she had a major car accident. Several surgeries later, a major infection destroyed those original dreams. The doctors gave her only a year to live. And to even get that much time, she needed $40,000 a month in medications.

Internet Marketing Proved a Life Saver

Fortunately, the Internet was in its early days when joint ventures were just getting popular. Using her negotiating skills, Gina switched to the new field of being a JV broker. She developed relationships with some of the major players in Internet marketing. Because of her skills, she paid her medical bills. More importantly, this Internet business gave her the ability to work anywhere.

Gina and her new husband decided to get an RV, retrofit it for her hospital bed and IVs and hit the road to see America before it was time for her to die. During what was to be a year on the road, Gina learned from the doctors that she now had only ten months to live. Shortly after that news, a visit to a massage therapist in Sedona gave her the information needed to experience a miraculous healing.

Healing Led to Life Change in Direction

While her healing is another story, it led to Gina deciding on another major change in her life. Up to this point, she made a lot of money doing joint ventures and even more for her clients; but she realized that she hadn’t contributed much to the world. The first step in Gina’s new commitment to doing good in the world was to start Directions University.

Directions University Logo

Through Directions University, Gina intended to affect the direction of entrepreneurs, their businesses, and their customers. Her mission is to help every person on the planet to “Live the Life of Their Dreams” by building a business that uses the power of the Internet. She now applies that same mission to DUvisio.

Social Entrepreneurs Thrive in DUvisio

Businesses that choose to do good in the world through their businesses are called social entrepreneurs. Helping these entrepreneurs and nonprofits is where DUvisio’s unique features really shine.

Screen capture of the DUvisio logo

First off, DUvisio is an affiliate platform, which means it makes vendors’ products and services available for affiliates to find and market. However, it is truly more than a normal affiliate platform. According to Gina Gaudio-Graves, DUvisio is “The Ultimate Leverage System for Sellers, Affiliates & Non-Profits.” Because of unique features designed to make it easy for vendors and affiliates to do joint ventures, it also fits the needs of social entrepreneurs and nonprofits.

Among the newer enhancements to DUviso that work so for social entrepreneurs doing good in the world:

  • Non-profit Marketing
  • Instant Split Pay
  • The InstaJV Funnel
  • Impact JVs
  • Custom Marketplaces / Private Marketplace
  • JV Brokers 

Non-Profit Marketing

You can set up to do a product promotion with a nonprofit (DUviso charges no fees to the nonprofit though PayPal still charges fees for processing) so the split could go owner, affiliate, nonprofit and nonprofit chapter. This works similarly with for-profit networks. Something like this is what appeals to Women’s Prosperity Network where they want to compensate the local chapter head on sales in her territory automatically.

Instant Spit Pay

One of DUvisio’s features that most people don’t offer is instant split pays. DUvisio currently does up to four people (i.e. four splits), and it’s getting ready to be up to 10 people soon with Pay Flow Pro accounts. This split can be used in multiple directions at once.

  • Product Vendor
  • Partner
  • Affiliate Manager or Broker
  • Affiliate
  • Nonprofit (such as in place of the affiliate or affiliate manager)
  • Nonprofit Chapter or Region
  • Network
  • Network Chapter or Region

Instant Spit Pay enables you to pay affiliates immediately while being protected from affiliate fraud. Currently, DUvisio handles up to four splits, e.g. two partners on the product, an affiliate manager, and the affiliate. When applied to nonprofits, this could be vendor, vendor partner, the nonprofit (as the affiliate manager), and the nonprofit chapter (as the affiliate).

Because of programs with PayPal, DUvisio can offer Instant Spit Pay without risk of affiliate fraud. (I explained how they do this in detail in my eBook, How DUvisio and PayPal Help You Successfully Grow Your Business.)

InstaJV Funnel

Because it was developed to facilitate JVs, DUvisio included the InstaJV Funnel technology almost from Day One. An InstaJV includes a badge on the product to let other vendors know that you are open to a joint venture and will allow them to incorporate your product into their funnels. The key point of an InstaJV Funnel product is that you agree to pay a 2nd tier commission to sellers on sales their affiliates make for your products as part of their profit funnel.

InstaJV Badge

InstaJV Badge

As part of DUvisio’s Software with a Service, it even has a team of trained JV brokers who look for opportunities to put vendors together who have indicated an interest in integration marketing.

Impact JV

Because of their focus on leverage and DUvisio’s desire to help businesses do good in the world, the adapted their InstaJV Funnels to fit working with nonprofits. That is how the Impact Joint Venture came about. This is a joint venture that is designed to make money and do good at the same time.

Unlike a typical nonprofit which merely passively receives donations from companies and individuals, a nonprofit participating in an Impact Joint Venture is willing to take a more actively role, thereby garnering the additional donations that the sales to their donors bring in.
For instance, the nonprofit might participate in a product launch. The nonprofit does a mailing or emailing to their donors about the product launch. When their donors purchase on the offer the nonprofit mailed to them, the nonprofit benefits from those increased sales.

To make it easier for JV partners to find nonprofits that are willing to be in Impact Joint Ventures, DUvisio provides a private network for nonprofits where the nonprofits can have listings for their cause. Instead of an InstaJV badge, they’ll have an Impact JV badge that indicates the nonprofit will participate in a promotion. It can even post what sorts of promotions they will participate in as well as their contact information.

JV Brokers

Drawing upon her experience as The JV Queen, which title she earned from her years doing JV brokering for some of the biggest names in Internet marketing, Gina trained a cadre of JV brokers who can assist vendors on DUvisio to develop joint ventures and to set up their InstaJV funnels. These JV brokers have the expertise needed to set up an Impact JV Funnel.

Custom Marketplace / Private Marketplace

This is one of the early features of DUvisio that makes it so powerful, especially for marketers who don’t want to set up their own websites. You can go through DUvisio to find products that you feel would fit together into a marketplace you want to promote. Then you create a custom marketplace with those products you selected. You just promote the affiliate link for a product in that marketplace or even promote the entire custom marketplace, such as with a page on your website, if you have one.

A special feature of the Custom Marketplace is the Private Marketplace. If you are the nonprofit, you could create a Private Marketplace on your website that showcases those products with whom you have an Impact Joint Venture, so your donors can find ways to support you above and beyond their normal contributions by purchasing from these vendors.

New Powerful, Unique Aspects of DUvisio

Several programs have debuted since the publication of the eBook, How DUvisio and PayPal Help You Successfully Grow Your Business. These two seem especially relevant to partnering with nonprofits.

Affiliate Marketing Now Possible Offline

It’s rare today for a product or service to be truly unique. However, DUvisio manages to do just that by offering capabilities that are rare or non-existent elsewhere.

Handling affiliate sales online is not special because several affiliate networks do that. How DUvisio gets a leg up on everyone else is because it integrates within point of sale terminals which enables it to include joint ventures between an online business and an offline business and between two offline businesses in a way that’s never been possible before. Thus, it can track commissions whether they happen online or offline.

Offline affiliate marketing especially opens up new prospective Impact Joint Ventures for nonprofits who want to “partner” with offline businesses.

Note of Explanation:

In online business terms, a joint venture is a high-end affiliate relationship for marketing purposes only. Unlike the use of the term in the offline world where a joint venture is a legal structure of shared ownership, the online joint venture is a strategic alliance lacking the shared ownership aspect of offline.
Thus, when DUvisio looks at a joint venture between offline businesses or offline and online businesses, it is referring only to strategic alliances for marketing purposes. These “joint ventures” merely use DUvisio’s platform to facilitate paying commissions.

Private Networks

Private networks are one of the greatest unique things DUvisio can provide. If you have your own private network, this program should be a dream come true. You can use the private marketplace to make your products available only to your own affiliates.

In the case of a nonprofit, it could make products from Impact Joint Ventures available to their chapters and members or donors. DUvisio has a Direct Affiliate Button you can use to take the prospect straight to your private marketplace.

Your private network on DUvisio is co-branded to your organization and the DUvisio organization. Both the buyers and the affiliates as well as the sellers on your private network go into a completely separate list on DUvisio. And they also go into your own list on whatever CRM or autoresponder you are using.

By the way, if you choose, you can still make your products available on the Public Marketplace too, any one of them or all of them, to make it available to other affiliates browsing the Public Marketplace. It’s just that the Private Marketplace means you are sending people only to your products when that is the one you promote.

Social Proof

If you are considering shifting to DUvisio or even merely adding it as another resource for your products, it may reassure you to know that you are in great company. Gina Gaudio-Grace, Jack Humphrey and Gina’s team of JV brokers have been busy this last year developing major partners for DUvisio. As of this date, the completed partnerships include the following impressive organizations:

  • Infusionsoft – DUvisio is an Infusionsoft Partner now
  • Ontraport
  • Salesforce
  • LinkShare
  • Commission Junction


DUvisio is the affiliate network that is “The Ultimate Leverage System for Sellers, Affiliates & Non-Profits.” Developed from the beginning by The Leveragists, who are experienced affiliate marketers, this platform includes numerous unique and rare features to make it truly a leverage platform.

Moreover, many of the features that make it great for leveraging, such as the InstaJV Funnel, Private Networks with their Direct Affiliate Button, the three different marketplaces depending on your needs, and the ability to have both online and offline affiliates yet still track and pay commissions make it easier than ever for businesses to do good in the world by teaming with nonprofits. The Impact Joint Venture is a further example of ways to help nonprofits. Finally, DUvisio waives any of its fees for nonprofits.


With their impressive list of major partners, DUvisio is making a splash in the affiliate network arena. However, the unique features, as well as the other rare ones, on this platform demonstrate best how its focus from the beginning has been on leveraging for both vendors and affiliates. Specifically to your desire to do good in the world as a social entrepreneur, Gina made sure DUvisio puts special attention on ways to enable vendors to team up with nonprofits.

Building your profits through strong relationships,

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John R. Aberle
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If you are ready to take your marketing to the next level of leveraging, get your copy of How DUvisio and PayPal Help You Successfully Grow Your Business now!

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