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By John Aberle | Small Business Productivity Tips

Mar 21

As small business owners of a manufacturing company that makes specialty plastics for heavy equipment manufacturers, Tim and Joan Piper are always confronted with the need to find ways to save time, to be more productive. They discovered that small business productivity tips, while minor by themselves on a per time use, can add up to significant time savings and greater flexibility over a year’s period of time.


While normal productivity tips amount to a few minutes per day so it takes a year’s worth to seem significant, a screen capture tool is a very different type of productivity tool. There are some things that only a tool like SnagIt can do for you.

Uses for Screen Capture Tool

  • Capture screen shots from your own site
    • Put in blog posts
    • Put in employee manuals and process / quality control manuals
    • Put in print literature
    • Capture metrics and graphs to put into reports or to create a collage for a report
    • Grab images from the Internet for personal research

Frankly, I have no idea how you would accomplish these things without a screen capture tool. Though there are some free ones now, I have used SnagIt for years and consider its various capture profiles and variety of output options incredibly valuable. Although not covered in this short introduction to SnagIt, you can do videos using it too.

[jbox color=”blue” title=” Text from the opening screen for this video on what was covered:” icon=”/_IMAGES/gleb_60x.png” border=”5″ radius=”35″ shadow=”9″]

Using SnagIt 8.2.3 to Create a Screen Capture

Version demonstrated: SnagIt 8.2.3, May 2007


Be careful taking screen captures to use in posts because of copyright.

  • Generally, I do screen captures of my own blog posts and screens.
  • When I do capture someone’s software to illustrate my blog post, I put the copyright of software owner, e.g. Microsoft, in the Properties of that image.

NOTE: I am not an attorney. This Caution is for informational purposes only. To get proper legal advice, please see an attorney, ideally one specializing in intellectual copyright law.

Profiles Available in SnagIt

•        Region
•        Window
•        Full Screen
•        Scrolling Window
•        Web Page (keep links)
•        Scrolling window to PDF
•        Menu with time delay
•        Object
•        Images from Web page
•        Text from window
•        Record screen video
•        My Profiles

 Doing a Screen Capture



Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Some small business productivity tips take a lot of small gains over a year’s time to add up to noticeable savings. Using a screen capture tool like SnagIt, though, adds up to sizeable savings quickly as well as it empowers you to do things that nothing else does except for hiring it out. You can use these images in blog posts, training material, quality control manuals, and marketing pieces in just a few seconds, all improving your productivity.

If you are ready to take advantage of the time savings and increased flexibility you can get with this tool, get your own copy of Snagit Version 10 now.

Building your profits through strong relationships,


John R. Aberle, Aberle Enterprises

P.S. Make your own screen captures of images or videos and get the ability to enliven them with effects using SnagIt:


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