Small Business Productivity Tips: OneNote

By John Aberle | Small Business Productivity Tips

Feb 29

As a small business owner or manager, you and your staff have a challenging time getting everything done that you need to do in a day. Every little tool that shaves time off your schedule and enables you to be more productive is reason to celebrate.

The subject of our second video in our Small Business Productivity Tips Series is Microsoft OneNote. It was originally developed for Tablet PCs so a few of its capabilities, like making handwritten notes searchable don’t apply unless you have a Tablet PC. It is now included in all versions of Microsoft Office.

Screenshot of Small Business Productivity Tips: OneNote video

Aberle Enterprises’ Small Business Productivity Tips: OneNote

In the Jing video at the link in this post, you will find the following:

  • Briefly covering the organization of OneNote
  • Notebooks
  • Folders
  • Pages and Subpages
  • Reasons I Love OneNote by Microsoft

Features I love in OneNote:

  • Copy articles and pictures from the Internet onto a page
    • It gives me the URL that I captured
  • Copy URLs for my own documents and any documents from my research that I save in Windows Explorer
    • The other choices are to insert a copy of the file onto the page and
    • Insert the file as a printout on the page so you can add notes to it
  • Copies the whole email from Outlook to send to OneNote
  • I use it to save ideas into pages and folders for later use
    • As an idea comes to me, I can jot it down on an appropriate page in OneNote or create a new page.
    • I can put bullets under a topic as ideas come to me so that over time I can develop an idea into an article for Yahoo! Contributor Network or for a blog post or even for a future ebook.
  • When I write an article for Yahoo! Finance or Yahoo! Voice, I often find my writing getting more detailed and involved than I can fit into 600 or 700 words. I paste what I cut out into OneNote for future use
  • It’s easy to move pages around and to make subpages
  • Add formatting for topics on a page is a matter of using the right button to get the formatting popup
  •  Calculator feature – you can type a formula then add the equal sign followed by the space bar to get the answer right in OneNote:


23+15 =

23+15 = 38

 These productivity tips can help you make little changes that over time add up to a lot of time saved for your small business. Just having one place to put your notes instead of on scraps of paper should prove really helpful. You can add notes to projects as they come to you. You can also copy written material and pictures off the Internet then paste them complete with the source URL. Hopefully you will find OneNote really helpful as well as fun to use.

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Building your profits through strong relationships,


John R. Aberle

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