Small Business Productivity Tips: Notepad

By John Aberle | Small Business Productivity Tips

Mar 09

Small Business Productivity Tips are meant to give you little tools and actions that can improve your productivity in a real, though usually minor way. This week’s Jing video is about using Notepad, which is easy to ignore when compared to Microsoft Word or any of the word processors available with much more functionality.

Screen shot of Jing video “Small Business Productivity Tips: Notepad”

Never the less, Notepad can become a hero if it saves you from causing WordPress to crash or saves you from some other crisis caused by inserting lines of code into WordPress. I forgot to mention in this video that pasting from Word into Facebook used to cause massive amounts of garbage to fill your “Write a comment” or status box. I would then have to clean it out and re-post from Notepad.

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Reasons to Use Notepad

I use Notepad instead of Microsoft Word or other word processing package for the following things:

  • Using Notepad to avoid formatting problems in WordPress
  • Using Notepad for quick notes
  • Can use to set up emails of specific widths, e.g. 45 characters
  • Write your blog posts in Notepad
    • My main mentor, Gina Gaudio-Graves, does this.
    • I really prefer Microsoft Word so I write in it then paste into Notepad. I then take it from Notepad into Yahoo! Contributor Network – In WordPress I use a plugin that lets me paste directly from Word.

Features of Notepad

Instantaneous loading

Native mode or Word Wrap

More sophisticated than I realized (Not demonstrated in Notepad video)

  • Can change font for the whole document (Not demonstrated in Notepad video)
  • Can add simple header and footer(Not demonstrated in Notepad video)
  • Can go to specific lines when Word Wrap is turned off (Not demonstrated in Notepad video)
  • Can do search and replace (Not demonstrated in Notepad video)

Can’t find the last document worked on like you can in Word by just opening File and clicking on Recent. However you can find it by clicking on the Windows’ Start button then scrolling over “Notepad.” (I stuck Notepad to my Start Menu.)
Screen shot of Jing video “Small Business Productivity Tips: Notepad”[/jbox]


Basically, Notepad shines when you want something free of extensive coding or when you want it for quick and simple notes. It can truly save you problems posting into other sites that allow formatting because Microsoft Word or your other word processor’s code may conflict and cause problems. If you ever encounter the types of problems I’m describing, you will fully appreciate how valuable a tool Notepad is.

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Building your profits through strong relationships,


John R. Aberle

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