Slater’s 50/50 Uses Traditional Marketing Tools to Help Launch Restaurant

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Dec 11
The front of Slater’s 50/50 shows the use of traditional marketing: banner advertising, lighted product signs, and a clever logo

The front of Slater’s 50/50 shows the use of traditional marketing: banner advertising, lighted product signs, and a clever logo

If you think that Internet marketing and social networking have replaced traditional marketing, think again. By picking the right traditional marketing tools, you can reach many prospects that you won’t touch in any other way. As much as I believe in web-based marketing, it’s just one tool, though a multi-faceted one like the Swiss Army Knife. It actually works best when used to augment traditional marketing.

Like my last two articles, I’m going to continue to explore Scott Slater’s marketing efforts for his Slater’s 50/50 “Burgers by Design.” This post will look at his traditional marketing.

Nine Standard Marketing Elements Used by Slater’s 50/50

Slater has demonstrated strong marketing skills. The following are some of the things that Scott Slater does well in old fashioned promotional efforts:

• A distinctive logo emphasizing his business name which in turn is his main unique selling proposition, i.e. “Slater’s 50/50” for his 50% ground bacon, 50% ground beef burger

• Logo includes his tagline, “Burgers by Design”

• He uses banners and neon beer advertising signs to draw attention to Slater’s 50/50

• He participates in the Yelp OC Bacon Elite, a physical event equivilant to having a booth at a trade show

• He’s active in the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce where he can do person-to-person networking and where he leaves flyers for them to hand out to visitors

• He used a direct mail campaign: local coupon booklets mailed to homes

• Slater ran an ad in the OC Weekly boasting that he has the largest beer selection in Orange County

• Happy hour specials and specials when the Chargers score during a game they’re watching

• Word of mouth

Technically, word of mouth is not something that Slater does. It’s something that customers do when they are pleased with their experience. I include it here under traditional marketing because word of mouth has been the best “advertising” any business can have going back centuries before anyone dreamed of an Internet. It’s not surprising that Slater told me his best results are from word of mouth. My next article will discuss this further because he’s getting word of mouth “advertising” from satisfied customers who use social networking to tell the world.

Slater’s 50/50 uses traditional marketing effectively to attract customers

Slater’s 50/50 uses at least these nine pre-Internet marketing activities to draw customers and to keep them coming back. The essential first step is knowing your best prospects well and then identifying a unique selling proposition that appeals to their wants and needs. This is crucial to any successful marketing campaign, whether online or off-line, which I’m calling traditional marketing. As I mentioned in my previous two blog posts, Slater does these well. Next, he cleverly uses his logo as part of his branding efforts. He manages to combine his USP and tagline or slogan into his logo together with a graphic design that has the general shape of a burger. While not every trade show is an effective use of marketing budget, Slater also hit it big with the Yelp OC Bacon Elite, a physical event, where he met many of his new customers, now fans. So whatever your business be sure you include traditional marketing methods to reach and appeal to people interested in what you provide as well as to keep them coming back.

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