Sales Training from TD Ameritrade’s Commercial

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Jan 10

It’s interesting when you decide to make a point that you expect to annoy some people in sales then you see a commercial that actually reinforces your position. I was watching Numbers tonight, enjoying a new show instead of a rerun! Yeah!

While I often ignore commercials, TD Ameritrade’s commercial caught my attention. I like their commercials better than most. I’ve liked the character Sam Waterson plays in Law and Order so that positive feeling carries over to give him automatic credibility. However, you can burn that trust quickly in advertising. Fortunately for my “relationship” with this star, the ad agency and TDAmeritrade play it straight. Their commercials are believable.

Tonight’s was especially apt because Sam Waterson commented on their stock broker competitors. He implied that all they care about is the sale and their commission. In contrast, TD Ameritrade’s stock brokers “Listen first.” Moreover, they “Talk, not talk down.” I couldn’t write fast enough to get all of the rest, but he made the point about guiding you.

These are the points that I stress with my clients, my readers, and my listeners. In my “ethical bribe,” as Alex Mandossian calls it, I offer a free article on “Easy Sales” to encourage people to sign up for my mailing list. (I have not put this article on Ezine Articles so this is the only place to get it.)

The main point I make there is that when you know your ideal prospect, and you know what they want and feel they need (perceived need), and you offer benefits that fill their desires, you have an easy sale – no pressure, no manipulation, no control of the prospect.
You “help customers buy” because you guide them through the process of buying what they actually want. Hint: they don’t buy a drill to own a drill.


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