Sales and the Super Bowl: What It Takes to Win

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Dec 21

I just listened to a great interview by Melanie Benson Strick. She was congratulating James Malinchak on winning the Marketer of the Year Award from the Glazer Kennedy Inner Circle Group. He made a wonderful point about needing to delegate tasks others can do cheaper than you so you can do the most productive activities.

What I particularly appreciated, though, was the story James shared about Michael Jordan telling him and seven others about how he finally realized that he needed a team to win championships. Being a great player and a great scorer wasn’t enough.

I often ask clients, “What does a team need to win the Super Bowl?” The answer is far more involved than most people think. When I ask the group to tell me what they need, obviously a team that wins the Super Bowl must have a great quarterback. However, he alone can’t win the game. He needs an incredible offense. Again, though, the best offense isn’t enough if the defense doesn’t keep their opponents from outscoring them.

So far so good. I will always get those responses. If I ask them for what else the team needs, they will mention the coach. However, I usually have to push to get them to mention the trainers. And if you’re playing in Houston in September in 95 degrees with 95% humidity, most will agree that you need the water boy. MORE ….


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