Attract Your Ideal Customers course

Do You Care about Building Your Profits Through Strong Relationships?

Owning or managing a small business is challenging. You have so many things to do and too few knowledgeable people to delegate the tasks to. Even if you are a one-person company, what many today call a “solopreneur,” you still need customers and you need vendors. You need too to have a strong relationship with your small business’ finances.

Selling and Marketing with Heart

  • Would you like to feel really good about your sales and marketing efforts?
  • Would you like to connect more with your ideal customers to develop long term, profitable business relationships?
  • Do you like the idea of attracting customers to you?

There are nine steps that will enable you to attract customers who actually want what you provide. When you sell with heart centered, soft sell sales and marketing techniques you will find selling fun, fulfilling and mutually rewarding. It’s ironic that looking out for the customer’s interests first produces rewards beyond just a commission or profit to the satisfaction of connecting with your customers and feeling good about helping them. Customers you actually connect with tend to be more loyal and long term.

Aberle Enterprises / Your Retiree Business Community

Join the Aberle Enterprises / Your Retiree Business Community to get useful information about and resources for building your profits through strong relationships, whether with customers, employees, vendors, your community, or your finances. Use lessons on relationship sales & marketing to develop strong customer connections.

To get you started on building these relationships with prospects and customers, you will immediately get the eBook “9 Steps to Finding Prospects Who Want What You Provide” free . Every third day, you will also get the link to one of nine lessons that are part of this e-course.


Community members get the following:

  • Periodic e-newsletter
  • “9 Steps to Finding Prospects Who Want What You Provide” eBook and eCourseFree spreadsheets, flowcharts and checklists you can apply to your business
    • You will receive an ebook immediately upon clicking on the email we will send you to confirm that you actually agreed to join the Aberle Enterprises’ mailing list in return for this bonus on how to attract prospects who want what you provide.
    • 9 lessons will follow every three days. Each one will expand on one of the tips.
  • Recommendations for resources you will find improve your effectiveness and bottom line (i.e. profits)

The email newsletters or ezines will cover tips, techniques and resources on the variety of topics important to you as small business owners and managers interested in building your profits through strong relationships:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Vendors
  • Community
  • Your company as an organization
  • Your business’s finances.

As you focus more on these relationships, putting more of your heart into your business, you will find it fun again as well as mutually rewarding.

Finding personal fulfillment through your business,

John R. Aberle



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