You will find the resources here grow your ability to build profits through strong relationships. These relationships are with your customers, your employees, your vendors, your community, yourself (mindset and attitude) and your business itself (your financial numbers and your organization).

They also show you how being in your own retiree business can be personally fulfilling, rewarding, and satisfying.

Small business owners and managers wear a multitude of hats. Where you get in trouble is when you think you need to know everything and do everything yourself instead of holding the vision for the company so everyone knows where you are going. As you grow your business, you will shift from doing it all to developing a team.

You will find strategy crucial to guiding everything you do as a company including choosing the niche or customers you will seek to attract. 

These resources include products to guide you in picking the right tactics or tools to make your strategy become a physical reality.

You need to know that you can trust the advice you find here and the products recommended for your resources.

Protect the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg

This doesn’t mean you’re a goose. It means too many businesses will do anything to make a sale whether it serves you or not. In other words, they have short term thinking instead of valuing their relationship with you, their customer.

These resources, whether my own or an affiliate product, will develop your skills at the core elements of building a business so you find personal fulfillment through your retiree business. Rest assured, these products are here because of  one of the following:

  • Personal experience with their effectiveness
  • Knowledge of and experience with the developer of the product
  • Some other  reason I trust this product

I have sold products my employers told me to sell that failed to deliver as promised. It ruined my reputation with that customer. I have made mistakes too. From all of these experiences, I have learned to be cautious about what I recommend to you.

The goal of Aberle Enterprises and Your Retiree Business from the beginning has been to develop a reputation for being trustworthy and for giving good advice so that you make this site your go-to place for recommendations to improve your business. As you grow from applying the lessons here, the more  you will find your retiree business personally fulfilling and rewarding. By consistently earning your trust, you will become a loyal customer and raving evangelist for years to come.

P.S.  An affiliate link goes to a third party product. Should you choose to buy it, the owner or seller of that product may then pay Aberle Enterprises fees or commissions on the purchases you made. 

 Current Resources

How Can You Use Customer Loyalty Programs to Grow Profits?

How Relationship Selling Rewards Small Businesses



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