Researching Facts Is So Much Easier – Thanks, Wikipedia

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Dec 21
Time to show our gratitude to Wikipedia

Time to show our gratitude to Wikipedia

If you really care about building relationships with your customers and prospects, then you will frequently find yourself doing research to confirm your facts. Because trust is a fragile thing, I often look information up to double check things. I want my clients and potential clients to be able to count on me. Trust is core to heart-centered, soft sell sales and marketing.

Wikipedia Needs Donations for the World’s Largest Free Encyclopedia

Recently, my favorite reference site put out a request for support. Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia’s founder, is asking for our help. You probably already use Wikipedia. If not, I can’t encourage you strongly enough to support this nonprofit organization that seeks to become the largest encyclopedia in human history. Wikipedia is already the “fifth most-read site in the world.” “More than 340 million people use Wikipedia every month – almost a third of the Internet-connected world.”

To Preserve My Relationships of Trust Requires Checking Facts

Ever since I was introduced to Wikipedia, it’s been my primary resource for information and checking my facts. Their information generally gives a detailed explanation as well as the history or background. For instance, I looked up Sears’ Craftsman Tools’ lifetime warranty because I couldn’t find the warranty on their website. Then today I inquired about the meaning of the term “whitelist.” On the Sears lifetime warranty, the writers explained which products Sears covers with a lifetime warranty and which have a more limited warranty. I am so incredibly grateful to the Wikipedia community for the gift of this free encyclopedia.

Wikimedia Will Appreciate Any Size Donations

Heart-centered, soft sell salespeople and marketers, please join me in saying thank you to the Wikimedia Foundation for making it so much easier to research our facts. Any size donation will be welcome.


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