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By John R. Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Dec 04

Americans have long been enamored with the concept of the entrepreneur, the rugged individual who strikes out on his or her own to build a business and against all odds become a smashing success and wealth. In fact, another term for this self-reliant business person is solopreneur from solo+entrepreneur. The idea behind the label solopreneur is that he or she becomes a business success by doing it all alone. But there is so much more to defying the odds than just a dream and passion. Furthermore, no one who makes it big every really does it all alone.

Graphic image: "Logo as a Brand"

To address the challenges of  becoming a survivor and thriver in the entrepreneurial world, Michael E. Gerber in The E Myth and again in The E Myth Revisited defined the problem as the “entrepreneurial seizure. His main solution for  was to put systems in place. Another famous business author, Robert Kiyosaki pointed out in his book The Cashflow Quadrant pointed out that most entrepreneurs aren’t really businessmen or investors but rather people who are self-employed, even if they have employees. Again systems are part of what is missing in their businesses as well as delegation.

As implied with the need for systems and definitely with the need to delegate, making your business thrive requires more than yourself as a solopreneur. When you are bootstrapping the start of your business, it’s hard to see your way clear to paying for knowledgeable help. You’re operating on a shoestring to begin with so you try doing it all yourself. I myself do this with most aspects of my business trying to master a multitude of skills. Recently, however, when it came to a logo for, I called in help from my nephew, a professional designer. Not only was I able to rely on the family card because Lionel Ochoa is a generous man, Dorothy, my wife, does some bookkeeping for their family so there is a bit of barter involved. The reason I fess up to this barter is to graphically make the point about the difference in quality between what I was able to do so far and what a professional designer did in a fraction of the time. In other words, there are definitely tasks that are better delegated to competent, experts.

John Aberle’s Examples of Scriberle Scripts

Image of Scriberle - Script MT Bold font

Scriberle – Script MT Bold font

Image of Scriberle in Vladimir Script font bolded

Scriberle – Vladimir Script font bolded

Scriberle Logo Choices from Lionel Ochoa, Zence Imagery

Image of Zence Imagery's Scriberle Logo 1

Zence Imagery’s Scriberle Logo 1

Image of Zence Imagery's Scriberle Logo 2

Zence Imagery’s Scriberle Logo 2

Image of Zence Imagery's Scriberle Logo 3

Zence Imagery’s Scriberle Logo 3


Image of Zence Imagery's Scriberle Logo 3 with tablet behind the logo

Zence Imagery’s Scriberle Logo 3 with tablet behind logo

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Briefly, the background to this design is as follows:

On Wednesday, October 22, 2014, on the Directions University Gold Call or “Hug Seat,” Jack Humphrey suggested the Scriberle moniker for me, John Aberle, based on “Scribe” + “Aberle.” This idea came because of their experience with my note taking and my selling Notes for the DU Bachelor’s Calls. Next, Gina Gaudio-Graves gifted the domain name to me. Then on the Monday, November 09, 2015 Teck Shack call, Shelby Carr suggested a header for using the word Scriberle written in script with a feather pen at the end of a swoosh that finishes the final “e.” After explaining to Lionel Ochoa of Zence Imagery that is about writing, like the Kindle eBook How Relationship Selling Rewards Small Businesses, DU Bachelor’s Call Notes (notes on call for a private community) and restaurant reviews, I gave him examples of fonts I liked for the word “Scriberle.” I also suggested that Shelby Carr and I like the idea of the name in a cursive font with a feather pen. I also suggested maybe having the logo on a tablet screen because I’m doing digital writing. Lionel returned with three outstanding logo ideas plus an example of the third Scriberle logo with a tablet behind part of it.

Do you agree that the logo designs by Lionel Ochoa of Zence Imagery are vastly superior to the simple printing of “Scriberle” using the cursive fonts? What has been your experience as an entrepreneur or small business person with delegating tasks to a specialist? Your opinion will be appreciated. Just leave your response in the Google+ Comments area below this post. 


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