Dec 11

In Sales, Passion Motivates and Leads to Success

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle , Business Systems , Relationship Selling , Sales and Marketing

When I started out in sales, I found that getting motivated to do the things necessary for success was often a challenge. If you’ve been in business-to-business sales long, you know that you have to do a lot of things that most sales people don’t like, such as prospecting, follow up, paperwork, and problem resolution. There’s a lot of unpleasant grunt work in the job of selling. How do you find the motivation to put in the time for the rewards of making the sale?

For me, one of the rewards was the thrill of working with the prospects and customers, the actual person-to-person contact and interaction. Naturally, the biggest reward was getting it right so that the customer chose to buy. But between the initial contact and the opportunity to share my excitement about how I could help, there were a lot of dull tasks to perform. Stay motivated was my challenge.

I found that passion was the key to motivation — loving what I was doing makes all the difference in the world. Every job in this world has its less than pleasant aspects. Have you ever heard of a parent who really loved changing baby diapers? It goes with the job of being a parent. But the love and joys of parenthood keep you going.

For me, being in sales is like that so long as I have a product that I’m passionate about. Because I love helping people, I must believe that what I’m selling will benefit my customer.

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