Is It Possible for Small Business to Be Socially Conscious?

By John Aberle | Heart Centered Sales and Marketing

Aug 27

This morning I submitted an article to Associated Content, “How Rotary Helped Me Feel like a Business Owner.” One point was about having been cynical about business early in life. I wondered, “Is it possible for small business to be socially conscious?

The People in Rotary Seemed to Care about Their Communities

Graphic from Working Assets’ Credo Action for Jail Wall Street Crooks

While many small businesses are socially conscious, it's time to hold criminals in business accountable.

Then I joined the Rotary Club of West El Paso. It was thrilling to be with a group of small business owners who contributed their time and money to helping their communities. These people lived the Rotary international motto “Service Above Self.”

Knowing small business owners and managers who pay to belong to a service club was inspiring. Business can be more than just about making money. They can also be about contributing back to the community, both the local community and the world community.

Social Entrepreneurship Offers Another way to Be Socially Conscious

Gina Gaudio-Graves also talks about social entrepreneurship. It was one of the things she mentioned on the interview, “How Can You Use Customer Loyalty Programs to Grow Profits?” which is available as an audio download.  Gina offered a really interesting example of how businesses can work for profit while contributing in transforming the world.

Starbucks Makes Being Socially Conscious a Core Value

Another socially conscious business, albeit a major corporation, is Starbucks. Howard Schultz in his book Onward describes the effort Starbucks makes to care for their customers, their employees and their suppliers. Starbucks invests in programs to transform the lives of the coffee grower from whom they buy their beans.

So, is it possible for small business to be socially conscious? That’s a definite yes. Avoid being cynical about business and profit. That’s how business makes the money to survive, grow and thrive. A healthy business tends to be a good employer and brings financial health to its community.

Building profits through strong relationships,

John R. Aberle, Aberle Enterprises

The Following Petition Enables You Too to Be Socially Conscious

P.S. While I believe in business, especially small businesses who care about their customers and their communities, some executives and employees of major corporations have gotten so far away from the people that the only thing they cared about was how to get richer even if it meant breaking the law. I agree with Credo Action that it is time to let President Obama and other leaders know that it is time to hold banks and financial institutions accountable for criminal activity.

How Rotary Helped Me Feel like a Business Owner


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