In Emails, Should You Greet or Not Greet?

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Jul 18

I’ve heard one of the foremost people in Internet marketing state that he doesn’t respect emails that come with a greeting. He wants to get right to the point. I find this ironic because the whole issue with social networking is to be social and to be personal. So the social networking question becomes, to greet or not to greet.

Ever since the advent of the computer, people have complained about being treated like numbers. I realize we are in the age of Twitter and the microwave mindset; nevertheless, in my experience, people still want to be treated like individuals. They want to count, not to be lost due to false efficiency.

Email – Greeting or No Greeting

Is using no greeting a false efficiency?

Is dropping the greeting a false efficiency?

I will admit that I have changed my standard greeting, especially for e-mails, to “Hi, (person’s first name).” I find it much more warm and friendly than just blurting out the message and signing off. Eliminating a quick greeting, like “Hi, Joe,” just doesn’t seem like that much efficiency to me. What did it take to type that? Two, three seconds? That means if you did 30 e-mails a day, by eliminating the greeting, you saved one minute. Was that time gained a real increase in efficiency?

If I’m doing a series of back-and-forth emails where someone sends me a message and then I respond to them, they respond back, and I respond in return until we have an email tennis match going, I can understand dropping off the greeting as being unnecessary. Think of it like an in person conversation. You would normally start with a greeting, but not use the person’s name every time you spoke.

In particular, if you are in sales and marketing, I recommend you play it safe and use a greeting. Watch for the return emails, to see what your prospect or customer prefers. Make a note of his or her preference, and use that future.

Social networking is about connecting person to person so use greetings in your emails

Despite the sudden rush to making emails little tidbits of efficiency, I think the social networking question of to greet or not to greet deserves an answer in favor of personalizing your message. In other words, unless you’re doing a lengthy exchange of email messages, take the two or three seconds necessary to greet the receiver as a person.

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