I Apologize for My Having Removed My Last Three Posts

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Mar 26

I love WordPress, however. Nothing in life is bullet proof as I demonstrated to myself almost a week ago. I decided to delay the post publishing until 8:00 AM. When I editted the time to post, WordPress showed me the date. I wanted to post at 8:00 AM – my time. 12:30 AM or 1:00 AM I was too tired to realize the “time” was there under the time I last saved. It was already after 8:00 AM UTC. So later in the morning when I checked to see if “How to Reframe Memories of Sales Calls Gone Badly” was up, it wasn’t there. Now refreshed with a night’s sleep, I saw my error. Unfortunately, not knowing what I was doing, I decided to move the time a few minutes from then, using UTC now, and told it to publish again. Not a good move. Now that post disappeared and messed up two others.

This brings me to why I am reposting the last three. And crossing my fingers that I don’t have to do a restore.


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