How to Create a Heart-Centered Sales Page

By John R. Aberle | Heart Centered Sales and Marketing

Jan 10

Chiwah Slater is an author extraordinaire; she’s ghostwriter, book editor, book coach and book marketing coach with over 25 years’ experience. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for the past five years. When you are looking for a heart-centered author and writing coach, Chiwah is an ideal choice. 

Screen Capture of A Write to Know Sales Page


Recently, she asked me to look at her new sales page. She thought she finally had it right. She indeed has it right as a sales page for a heart-centered marketer. It is so good it will give you insights into what to do for your own heart-centered sales page. If you love using hard-sell techniques or are a Type A sales personality to whom it’s close at all costs, look elsewhere for your example.

What Is a Heart-Centered Marketer?

A heart-centered marketer wants to develop a relationship with her customers and clients. It’s about focusing on the client’s needs and wants first and fulfilling your own through serving them when it is right for them. Sometimes you lose the immediate sale. But you are more likely to develop the long term, repeat sales because of that relationship. Experience says that most customers get nervous when they sense that you view them as a piece of raw meat and you haven’t eaten for several days. Time and again customers go out of their way to buy from the person who demonstrates that their needs come first.

Screen capture of A Write to Know Call to Action box

Key Points Making This a Strong Relationship Selling Sales Page

Here are the lessons from looking at why this sales page works so well.

  • Focused on ideal customer’s needs and interests/motivations

When you read the content on this page, you should be able to recognize the importance of knowing your ideal customer profile or avatar. Because Chiwah knows whom she wants to reach, what their problems are and how she can help, her presentation is very focused.

  • Call-to-action but without hard sell

The sales copy or content of this page presents offers: if this appeals to you, order your 3 hours of coaching

  • This is a services approach, not a product approach
  • Questions to get the reader thinking
  • Social Proof with testimonials
    • Testimonials section is called “What Clients Say About Working with Me”
    • Each testimonial is in a block quote, i.e. set of in a box with different colored background – limited to two different, alternating colored backgrounds
    • Background colors are soft
    • Background colors tie in with the page header
  • No sidebar to distract
  • Good use of fonts
    • Simple clean fonts
    • Limited to small number of font sizes and styles
  • Use of bullets to break out related points – makes it easier for skimmers to catch the key ideas
  • Use of boldface limited
  • Limited use of italics too
  • Use of boxes to set off important items
  • Uses colored headings to break the content up into bite-sized pieces
  • Call-to-action
    • Repeated call-to-action several times
      • In a box with a three-quarter frame
      • “Add To Cart” Button for third call-to-action
      • Fourth call-to-action is a simple line of text
    • Medium-sized price
      • Priced to appeal to serious prospect as it conveys value to time without being intimidating or off-putting for a serious prospect
      • Too high a price to appeal to casual time wasters
    • One line of credentials with phone number, centered photo and brief list

A suggestion for improvement here would be to replace the phone number with a scheduling program. There are free scheduling programs if you wish to avoid the added expense

  • Includes a “free” down-sell if you back out of giving your credit card info to complete the purchase of consulting time
  • The navigation buttons are still at the top without being emphasized
    • This is contrary to the advice of many Internet marketing gurus who want not other choice available but to buy or not buy. This is the slaughter-house cattle chute approach to sales
    • It is a more heart-centered approach though to give an out for those who are not ready to act or who want more information first.

A final observation is that Chiwah Slater used just enough content to leave you satisfied that she understands your challenges and desires without feeling like she is trying to beat you into submission.

Screen capture of A Write to Know Testimonials
















If you too prefer to develop a relationship with your clients and/or customers, use these tips garnered from analyzing Chiwah Slater’s sales page for authors or author wannabes for her writing and coaching services.

Open your heart in selling,

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John R. Aberle

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I have a strong love for small businesses, especially brick and mortar companies. After an 18-year career in sales and marketing, I started my own service company, which I grew in both sales and profits for the first five years. In my sixth year, the bottom dropped out of the printer market such that it made more sense to sell my assets and return to Southern California. There I went to work for an international small business consulting company. I spent over three years on the road with them helping small businesses to become more profitable and better managed. I then started my own company specializing in sales and marketing consulting, coaching and training. My emphasis is on heart-centered, relationship selling that empowers prospects to make their own choices.