How Do You Appeal to a JV Partner to Reach Thousands for Your New Product?

By John R. Aberle | Small Business Management

Mar 06

Frank Robertson worked for years to build his expertise that he’s now used to develop a course on self-esteem and achieving goals. However, when he released it, he found that it was lost in the chaff of hundreds of other similar products. He’s frustrated because he hasn’t been able to build the sales he felt his innovative approach should attract. He’d always heard that if you invent the “better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.” 

Screenshot of Mark Harris on the MegaHangOut 2, a Google+ Hangout about the JV Summit

But he discovered the old cliché is wrong. He learned the hard way that for the world to know and care, someone has to effectively market his product. Unfortunately he didn’t have years to now learn how to master marketing and how to find enough customers who really appreciate the benefits his innovation can deliver. Does this sound familiar? Do you have an innovation too that nobody is rushing to buy? What can you do?

The answer lies in creating an online type joint venture or a strategic alliance where you meet with someone who already has the customer list that is hungry for innovations like yours. But how do you put it together? How do you approach a highly successful marketer when you are a little inventor or maybe you are a program creator? You’ve got the product but lack the confidence and know how to get this big marketer’s interest.

That’s what Gina Gaudio-Graves, the JV Queen and Founder of Directions U, covered with Mark Harris, founder of The Thought Leadership Alliance and developer of the Joint Venture Summit. Gina interviewed Mark on her Breakthrough Directions BlogTalkRadio show, January 28, 2014. Mark described how you as the entrepreneur or solopreneur can get the attention of that marketer needed for your innovation to truly take off:

So that’s really what it’s about. It’s really about finding the right audience. So you really have several steps. In the end, it’s message to market. That’s really what it is. But then, that’s the end, right?

The beginning starts with the right heart, the Golden Rule mentality, put yourself in their shoes, all that stuff, which is really critical. Okay? And then you do the thinking and leadership in order to literally create an education piece first that also has carefully intertwined the selling elements that you want them to adopt it; but, you see, only to adopt it, but only if they truly need it.

You see, when you do that, believe it or not, your sales go up. What happens is, because you’re really trying to help only the people who truly need it, and when they understand that you are actually saying, ‘Look, you don’t really need it but you do and all that,’ and they see that really you’re actually giving them true advice, what happens is they believe it because 90% of selling is simply believing it’s going to work, right, actually help me. Will it actually get me from New York to California? Will it actually, you know, make my feet feel better by wearing those shoes, or whatever it is?

It’s about believing that your innovation will serve them. And at the same time if you don’t take advantage of that and make sure that they are well taken care of, as a true trusted advisor, then you’ll definitely prevail in that area.

It’s about creating this package, right, then knowing how to effectively to present that particular deal to them where it actually having the highest likelihood of being accepted.

“By the way, if you do all of the work in advance, where it’s going to serve their audience best, where there’s no downside risk. Matter of fact, there’s upside potential beyond belief, and that there’s also doesn’t cost them anything and also helps them and it possibly makes them money if they’re allowed to accept money depending on ethical (issues) and at the same time it creates unbelievably great content for their audience, none of the people in their audience are going to be upset, and all that stuff. That’s when you now have the kind of joint venture you need to put together for anybody who’s on the call, I think.

This quote comes from an interview on January 28, 2014 on Breakthrough Directions on Blog Talk Radio,  (:35:37 – :37:55)


If your innovation, whether physical product, service or course is truly superior, is truly that better mousetrap the world is waiting for but it’s lying around in the doldrums doing nothing except aging, you need to find at least one great marketer to share it with the world. But to do that you need to form a relationship with that marketer and to present your innovation in a way that shows you thought it through from the marketer’s view point.

The easiest way to form such a relationship with a JV partner is to meet several potential JV’s physically, in person. Mark and his team structured the Joint Venture Summit, March 11th – 13th in Atlanta Georgia to teach you how to form these relationships as well as how to present your innovation in a way that appeals to prospective JV partners who can reach thousands for you. This live event is next week so reserve your seat now: Joint Venture Summit.  

Applying leverage through JV partnerships,


John R. Aberle

P.S. Don’t waste any time – if you want to learn how to appeal to a JV partner, register now for Joint Venture Summit, March 11th – 13th, Atlanta Georgia (This is my affiliate link.) This is an ideal opportunity to actually meet hundreds of possible JV partners.

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