How Can You Build Stronger Relationships with Your Customers?

By John R. Aberle | Small Business Management

Dec 19

After years of training by some of the leaders in Internet marketing, it’s embarrassing to admit that my weak area is creating a solid autoresponder system. Obviously if you are a member of my community, you already know this because my campaigns have been sporadic.

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I have done extensive writing over the past four years and even have clients that I do content marketing for, which means creating blog posts and social media posts for them. While Yahoo Contributors Network was active, I even had a beat for which I submitted an article a week. Unfortunately, these activities haven’t reached you, at least not through my autoresponder.

So it is a relief and pleasure to have Shelby’s Autoresponder Master Class to offer you because I lack the credibility in autoresponders to do that training. As the Dean’s Assistant, Shelby Carr handles the autoresponders for Gina Gaudio-Graves, Dean and Founder of Directions University so she is continually sending out email campaigns.

If you’re looking for extra sales, whether to pay for a virtual assistant or to improve your lifestyle or just to cover your monthly nut, i.e. your overhead , it comes down to building strong relationships with your customers or clients. People like to buy from those they know, like and trust. And part of that trust is regularly give value.

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to CONSISTENTLY stay in touch with your clients & customers. Once someone becomes your customer, it’s essential to continue to stay in touch to keep your connection healthy. It is so vastly much easier to sell to an existing customer again than it is to always have to find and develop new customers. That’s again where your autoresponder proves invaluable.

In fact, the way to turn customers and clients into raving fans is to strengthen your relationship with them by constantly demonstrating that you care and that you have the expertise to help them with their problems.

In her email to me, Shelby asked, “How do you setup an autoresponder and write messages that build the relationships on autopilot?”

These are the kinds of questions that will be answered in the “Autoresponder & Email Marketing Mini-Master Class” on Friday, 12/19 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM Eastern!

Here’s the agenda of what you will learn step by step:

* What is an Autoresponder?

* What is an Autoresponder Message?

* How Can You Use Autoresponders in Your Day-to-Day Business?

* The CAN-SPAM Act Do’s & Don’ts

* What is the Difference Between Broadcast & Follow-Up Sequence Messages?

* Steb-by-Step Autoresponder Message Creation

* and MUCH more!

Don’t worry about being too busy to attend this Mini-Master Class Live on Friday!

You’ll not only get access to the LIVE sessions that take place on Friday 12/19 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM Eastern PLUS the mp3 audio recordings and the MP 4 video recordings PLUS any checklists that are created during the sessions!

Get your ticket now at:


This Mini-Master Class is being taught by the Directions University Dean’s Assistant Shelby Carr.

  • She’s been responsible for setting up and managing Directions University autoresponder for years!
  • She’s been the one that sends out pretty much every single message sent for Gina Gaudio-Graves and DU.
  • Shelby’s been the one that sets up ALL of DU’s autoresponder sequences to make sure that you are well served!
  • Furthermore, she’s been marketing & sending out emails for over 10 years for her own business and as assistant to other marketers.

People who master autoresponders are in position to build those strong relationships that keep customers loyal for years. Shelby has the experience to show you and to guide you in using autoresponders  to build your Business Success!

I agree wholeheartedly with Shelby’s statement that “Relationships are THE KEY to making 2015 your best year EVER!”

Get your ticket now at:

To Your Abundant Email Marketing Success!

John's digital signature written with mouse

John R. Aberle, Scriberle

Teaching Assistant for Directions University and founder of Aberle Enterprises


P.S.  Make sure you get in on the “Autoresponder & Email Marketing Mini-Master Class Now“!  While you could wait and get it later, Shelby said that the tuition will be more than double after the 1st of the year!

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I have a strong love for small businesses, especially brick and mortar companies. After an 18-year career in sales and marketing, I started my own service company, which I grew in both sales and profits for the first five years. In my sixth year, the bottom dropped out of the printer market such that it made more sense to sell my assets and return to Southern California. There I went to work for an international small business consulting company. I spent over three years on the road with them helping small businesses to become more profitable and better managed. I then started my own company specializing in sales and marketing consulting, coaching and training. My emphasis is on heart-centered, relationship selling that empowers prospects to make their own choices.