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By John R. Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Jul 31
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I just invested over a week uploading backed up files, testing to be sure the uploaded Help Customers Buy blog worked on a different domain name before I moved my domain to HostGator. This process was so complicated because of some problems with my backups. My last good back up was May 22nd so if worse came to worse, I’d lose all of the blog posts between then and my last one July 22nd, Thank you Tech Support! My previous post was about the tech support at both HostGator and Alan at Yahoo!

Problems in my blog at Yahoo! complicated getting a current backup. That’s history now. However, moving from one hosting company to another is not for the faint hearted. There were lots of lessons along the way. For one, once you do upload your blog database onto the new host, your password and login are from the old host, not whatever login and password you set up when you installed the new WordPress blog on your new hosting company. Another lesson learned today from Michael Wa at HostGator is that if you don’t have the same theme installed on your new host’s blog installation, you’ll get a white screen.

I’m grateful to Yahoo! for a couple years of hosting my website and this blog. If you want a standard website, I think Yahoo! is a good hosting company. However, if you want a WordPress blog on your own hosted site, as opposed to the free ones, then I encourage you to look into HostGator or someone else who plays nice with WordPress. If you do want to look into HostGator, please check out my HostGator Affiliate Link.

There are several problems in my experience with running WordPress on Yahoo! One of them is that Yahoo’s server security is so tight that you can’t use a permalinks plugin without it causing serious problems. I learned that a little over a week ago. You have to stick with the Yahoo Permalinks plugin. Once I learned that I finally figured out why I couldn’t change the custom permalink to give just the name of the article posted. It always insisted on the date then the name.

Should you be looking to change your website or blog hosting company, I believe HostGator shines as a host for WordPress blogs. I have severely tested their Live Chat online support during the past couple of weeks. HostGator must hire their support people because they love digging into problems and solving them. I’m thrilled with how persistent and courteous they were. Several even apologized for keeping me waiting while they researched and tried different things to fix my upload problems with a backup off another host. I hope you can understand why I eagerly became a HostGator affiliate. It’s easy to get excited about recommending service like that.


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