Heart Centered Business Reading List

By John Aberle | Heart Centered Sales and Marketing

Aug 22

I originally created this post as a page to talk about my Amazon associate store with some of my favorite books by authors I really feel have important advice to contribute to your studies of heart centered business. When a friend said he had a problem finding my Amazon Store, I decided to redo this portion of my site so this is now a post and my Reading List tab will go directly to the store.

Heart Centered, Soft Sell Sales

The primary category is sales. I chose authors I feel write about primarily heart centered, soft sell sales and marketing. Harvey Mackay is the first super salesman I ever read who emphasized the importance of relationships. Bob Poole’s Listen First — Sell Later,” Linda Richardson’s Stop Telling, Start Selling, and Charles H. Green’s Trust-Based Selling are the closest to my approach to selling I’ve seen. A classic in this group is Spencer Johnson, M.D. & Larry Wilson’s The One Minute Sales Person. This is the first book I ever read that addresses the burnout sales people go through after they’ve used hard sell techniques.


In Marketing, I have people who will expand your thinking about marketing. Judith and Jim have defined heart based, soft sell marketing for us in The Heart of Marketing, Love Your Customers and They Will Love You Back. I first met Seth Godin’s writings through a recommendation from my friend DeBorah Beatty. When I finally came across him again in the endorsement of Bob Poole, I finally got Godin’s The Purple Cow. I find it a remarkable book and hope you do too.

Management and Customer Service

I also added a category for Management and Customer Service as well as one for Leadership and Creativity. Customer Service is core to maintaining your customer relationships. But take it one step further. I really respect the businesses who take the attitude that everyone is our customer, i.e. their internal departments need to respect each other just like you want them to treat customers. One of my favorite books in this group is Danny Meyer’s Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business. I often use restaurant servers as an illustration of soft sell sales. Another classic in management is Michael E. Gerber’s The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It. For over 40 months, I worked as a small and mid-sized business consultant on profit and expense control and on organization for management. I’m a big believer in the value of systems, which is the core part of this book.

Leadership and Creativity

In order to achieve your business goals, you need to set yourself apart from the rest of the marketplace. I consider leadership and creativity to be important to finding your niche and your unique appeal or unique selling proposition. Creativity in business, more often than not, involves being the first to apply a concept from somewhere else to your industry, to your products and services. That’s why I so enjoy Malcolm Gladwell’s books and those of Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, e.g. Freakonomics: A Rouge Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything. Their material stretches my imagination.

From time to time, I’ll add other books and CDs, maybe even courses. You’ll find too that I often make comments on why I found a particular item so valuable.

Please visit our Amazon Associate Store to browse through and order. You will find most of these authors provide heart centered business advice. I’m setting a page up just for our Amazon Affiliate Store so you can click on the tab anytime you want to review my selections.

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My first Kindle eBook, How Relationship Selling Rewards Small Businesses, went live on April 24, 2012. https://amzn.to/2BaP2AH I've lived a lifetime of service and spiritual search so it's natural for me to incorporate these attitudes into my work. I believe that selling and marketing are spiritual service when done with a heart-centered, relationship selling approach. All of business success comes down to building strong relationships.