Have You Achieved the Success You Always Dreamed Of?

By John Aberle | Small Business Management

Nov 09
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Over one and a half years ago I first attended a talk by Andy Shaw. He captivated me with his questions, his statistics and his explanation of why less than 1% of the world’s population is rich. Have you achieved the success in your life that you always dreamed of enjoying? If you’re too lazy to try, enough said.

On the other hand, if you read the books or watched the videos or attended the seminars of the leading experts in motivation, success, mindset and self-improvement, maybe something is missing in your approach besides effort and knowledge. Maybe as Andy claims, you have a mental ‘virus’ or ‘bug’ that is stopping you. Here’s his story.


The Amazing Secret of The Success Specialist Who Is Afraid of The Camera

 Are you struggling to create the success in life you desire?

             If you’ve been a good student of personal development, or have just begun your journey towards creating a better life for yourself then you should probably talk to Andy Shaw.

That’s because Andy is an absolute wizard when it comes to instantly helping people remove blockages that have been holding them back, take more action and embark on a totally NEW way of life.

 A Life Where:  Worry, Struggle & Stress Become Things of Your Past And Success Becomes Your Natural, Normal Way of Living.”

However, despite all of Andy’s inherent genius; if you were to point even the smallest camera at Mr Shaw and ask him to read you a simple script,  you’ll see he just cannot do it.

To most people (especially people in business today) not being able to speak well on camera would be a severe handicap. For Andy Shaw however, it seems to be an asset. In fact, for a man who hates speaking on camera, refuses to use a mobile phone and only answers email once per week (if you’re lucky!) his track record is literally astonishing!

  •  He started off in business at the ripe old age of 23 spent 11 years figuring how to get rich, whilst building a business with well over 100 people…
  •  He got fed up trying & getting nowhere so became a multi-millionaire investing in property in under 7 months.
  •  He’s STILL apparently the best selling UK author on Property Investing…he wrote this 450 page book which is considered to be the Property Investors ‘bible’ in under 20 hours!
  •  He married his perfect partner after one day sitting down and manifesting her into his life well over 20 years ago;  using a step-by-step process he calls calls ‘designing’.
  • He’s taught thousands to make well over $200 Million (that’s just the feedback figure… the actual figure is MUCH higher)
  •  He sold millions online too, in Andy’s first year online he turned over just shy of $1,600,000, but he says “We got it right a few years later including one offer where we sold out taking over $2,800,000 in just 67 seconds, in fact the last time I did a seminar the seats were over $10,000 and sold out in under 7 minutes”
  •  He became fascinated about health & nutrition after losing over 140 lbs in under 7 months

 And  what makes this more interesting, is that Andy became a multimillionaire many times over BEFORE he ever read a book on success!

But, It wasn’t until 2007-09 credit crunch, when Andy lost his entire first fortune that he started his personal development journey. Andy recalls: “I remember picking up books like Think & Grow Rich, and Rich Dad Poor Dad, and thinking. This is brilliant. All the answers are here!”

You see, Andy knew he could easily take what was in those books, and create success once again. It was certain. It was done!

… But That’s When It Hit Him!

The one question that changed his life (and the lives of thousands of A Bug Free Mind Students in over 80 countries … forever!) And that question was:

“Why is it, that I can succeed with this so easily,

when most people struggle to get any where?”

Andy has spent the last 8 years answering that question. His quest has taken him all the way around the world multiple times. Studying the greatest & wisest success experts in the world today.

And his conclusion after all his study, is that ultimately there is a serious problem with the way most personal development is taught.

He says :

“The reason why a lot of people cannot apply “the success” guidance they study, despite how many products they buy, or how hard they try … is because they’re trying to load good software onto a mind, that’s invested with bugs. … “Without first clearing these bugs… and regaining, complete control over the full power of your mind, its like attempting to drive an incredible supercar with your foot on the handbrake! No matter how hard you push. All you ever do is “spin your wheels” and scorch big gaping holes into your pocketbook!”

Andy’s controversial stance has caused quite an uproar in the Law o f Attraction / self growth communities. But the numbers don’t lie!

According to recently published surveys 92% of A Bug Free Mind Readers emphatically claim his books are working for them to:

…Banish all negative thought

…Create unstoppable confidence

…Uncover exactly what they want from life

…Find their lives true purpose

…Manifest desires on command! And lot’s lots more… and all this, coming from people who say that, “before I tried A Bug Free Mind.. NOTHING worked for me before… “ proven his process works!

You can view the Impressively LONG list of A Bug Free Mind Success stories here 

And you can view the open student survey here

  However, because of the worldwide success of his books, Andy’s A Bug Free Mind, has attracted the attention of HUGE international partners who’re planning a huge global launch of the books in 2014.

But, Here’s The Bad News …

As part of Andy’s agreement with his launch partners, it means Andy has had to take his A Bug Free Mind Process off the market. Until next year. Which means unfortunately a lot of people who really need his teachings cannot buy them right now, at any price.

Now … The Good News!

 If You Act Now You CAN Download Andy’s
FREE 4 Part A Bug Free Mind Starter Kit’ called 

‘Breakthrough To A Bug Free Mind

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For the next 5 days this A Bug Free Mind Starter Kit! Is available at no cost.

Simply go to this page and you’ll get free access to Breakthrough To A Bug Free Mind a 4-part MindPower Program Andy Shaw created that walks you through the basics of The Bug Free Mind Process: containing everything you need to start removing the ‘bugs’ that are holding you back and awaken your natural success mindset with A Bug Free Mind.

No Prior Experience Is Necessary:

Everything in this program, including Andy Shaw’s world-famous “No Mind Exercise”, The ABC Guide To Living A Legendary Life, and latest video ‘How To Tap The Magical Power of Your Subconscious – On Demand! And many other fascinating insights are all designed to benefit anyone from any level.

The Reason Why Andy Is Releasing

This FREE 4 Part Starter Kit:

Is quite simply so “non members” like you, may finally have an opportunity to experience how much easier… how much more fulfilling… how much more successful and enjoyable life can be when you decide to go ‘bug free’ … and to do it without having to spend a penny!

If that sounds like a good deal to you, then please click on the link below: Click Here & Download The 4 Part A Bug Free Mind Starter Kit right now. But Hurry! Because this offer WILL end soon!

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  Inside The Bug Free Mind Starter Kit

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While Passion & purpose are fundamental to finding a personal fulfillment in a retiree business, you can achieve even greater levels of fulfillment by learning how to remove the mental ‘bug’ that has thwarted your efforts in the past. The more successful you become, the greater the impact you can have in the world, the higher your sense of fulfillment can become.

Finding personal fulfillment through your retiree business,


John R. Aberle, Your Retiree Business, a division of Aberle Enterprises

P.S. Act now to enjoy a richer, more personally fulfilling future with A Bug Free Mind.  Note: This is my affiliate link. I believe in Andy Shaw’s information enough to want to include it as one of the resources I recommend.

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