Hard Sell Intervention Ad Disrespects Customers

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle

May 31
Intervention captive

Intervention means my views are superior to yours

There’s a marketing struggle for survival going on amongst the traditional, generally hard sell marketers. They are finding it harder to grab people’s attention and offer something new and exciting. The latest hard sell ad is a television commercial in which a discount fashion store chain shows friends conducting an intervention to save another friend from over spending on the fashions she could get for less at Marshalls / TJ Maxx. This attitude shows disrespect for customers’ judgment.

Hard sell reveals I’m right; you’re wrong attitude

You may feel that I am making a big deal out of nothing; it’s simply advertising and a humorous effort at that. Obviously, I disagree. The Marshalls / TJ Maxx TV commercial shows an attitude that is prevalent in hard sell sales and marketing: I have the right to decide for you that you need to buy my product. Because I know better than you do, I can use guilt, pressure or other manipulations to control your actions.

Some people with spiritual training recognize this for what it is, black magic, the effort to control others to ones own ends. If you are a heart-centered, soft sell salesperson or marketer, you come from a vastly different point of view, one based on respect and connecting with your potential customers and their needs and wants. Heart-centered, soft sell salespeople and marketers strive to listen first and sell later.

Heart-centered approach respects buyers and their views

Because heart-centered, soft sell salespeople listen first and ask questions plus do the background work to understand your “prospectors” (potential customers looking for solutions or desired results), you can customize your products and services with their involvement. This customization may be more in your explanation or it may include bundling other products or services. Regardless, by working with your buyer there is a whole different feel to the transaction for both your customer and yourself.

To help customers buy, avoid the hard sell attitude shown in the customer “intervention” TV commercial. While hopefully no one takes it seriously, it still shows disrespect for customers and their right to choose. Heart-centered, soft sell sales and marketing involves putting your customer’s concerns first. Develop a connection. Focus on service then sales. You’ll find selling can be fun, fulfilling, and mutually rewarding.

Please make this a dialogue by commenting with your viewpoint. Do you agree or disagree?


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