Happy Thanksgiving 2014, a Time for Gratitude

By John R. Aberle | Small Business Management

Nov 28

Have you read The Secret, about the Law of Attraction? Or have you read any other self-help or personal growth books? Invariably, you will read about filling yourself with gratitude. Among other things, gratitude opens you up to creative energy. Additionally, it makes it so much easier to build relationships with customers and prospects. People like working with merchants and vendors who sincerely appreciate their business.

One of the most important things about leadership as a manager or executive is learning to give honest recognition for quality work done. Even in your family, you will find that the members of your family will thrive under the light of your appreciation.

So the fabulous thing in America is that our nation recognized that we need one day that is devoted to saying thank you for the abundance in our lives. This is the Thanksgiving holiday.

It’s an ideal time for family and friends to meet and share good food, love and fellowship and, most of all, to give thanks. I like to think of it as giving thanks to God, which can go by a variety of names, like Jehovah, Allah, Sugmad, the Source, the Force, the Universe, Life, or Higher Power.

The interesting thing is that it’s easy to give thanks for the things we loved receiving:

  • A new job
  • A raise
  • An award
  • A new relationship
  • A new car

But when was the last time you gave thanks for a personal disaster?



A friend and classmate in the Directions University Bachelor’s Program, Ron Harvey, reminded me that Napoleon Hill taught this attitude decades ago. Hill’s point was to “give thanks every day for the adversities we face because of the “Equivalent Benefit” they will yield.”Among the blessings in my life are my subscribers to my email list as well as to my notes products, which so far are only available to members of a couple programs I am in. I’m thankful too for those who read my posts on Examiner.com, Yahoo Contributors Network (now a defunct network), my posts for my recent content marketing client MaxLeadPRO, and my Google+ and Facebook posts.I hope that your 2014 has been a year filled with blessings and that 2015 will provide you will enjoy even more things and experiences that you find reasons to be thankful for. I’m confident that you will find gratitude enhances your creativity as well as helps you build more wonderful customer relationships.

Building your profits through strong relationships

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I have a strong love for small businesses, especially brick and mortar companies. After an 18-year career in sales and marketing, I started my own service company, which I grew in both sales and profits for the first five years. In my sixth year, the bottom dropped out of the printer market such that it made more sense to sell my assets and return to Southern California. There I went to work for an international small business consulting company. I spent over three years on the road with them helping small businesses to become more profitable and better managed. I then started my own company specializing in sales and marketing consulting, coaching and training. My emphasis is on heart-centered, relationship selling that empowers prospects to make their own choices.