Get Paid to Write Online While Building Your Status as an Authority

By John R. Aberle | Small Business Management

May 28

Numerous business experts will tell you that one of the best ways to get recognition within your industry as an expert is to become an author. While that obviously covers publishing your own book, an intermediate step could be to become a freelance columnist with your own byline. In this way, you get paid to write online while building your status as an authority.

John Aberle?s Profile as Southern California Restaurant Examiner on


While daily print newspapers are struggling to survive, online papers like are thriving. In fact, has had banner growth during the past couple of years. By joining in’s teams of online freelancers, you can do yourself the double favor of becoming recognized for your expertise while you get paid on page views of what you wrote.’s Metrics has established status and traffic.

  • Alexa rank of 622
  • Google Page Rank of 8 (any rank from 5 to 10 indicates an authority site)
  • Facebook Likes: 35,000
  • Twitter Tweets: 577,557
  • Google +1: 48,000

Benefits of a Byline on

  • Improve your visibility
  • Search results provide implied endorsement
  • Byline provides a testimonial
  • You earn ongoing revenue from your posts
  • Your profile

Improve Your Visibility

If you have struggled to build traffic to your own site, you know what a challenge it can be. Obviously, the problem is that if you don’t get people to your site, you never have the opportunity to build your credibility and reputation. Due to the fact that has significantly better Page Rank and traffic than you do, you improve your visibility.

Search Results Provide Implied Endorsement

As my Internet marketing mentor, Gina Gaudio-Graves points out about dominating the first pages of search results for your keyword, searchers consider it an endorsement from the search engines. I just did a Google search (I was logged out of Google) on Firefox for one of my restaurant reviews on the Rainforest Café in Ontario Mills.

  • My review showed up as 2nd and 8th on the first page out of 1,840 results for “Ontario Mills’ Rainforest Café.”
  • Two of my tweets showed up in 5th and 6th positions on Page 2.
  • Two of the first ten images were from my slideshow for that article.

Byline Provides Testimonial

Having a freelance byline on a major publication means an editor reviewed your material.  Whereas anyone can create a blog regardless of skill or expertise, in order to have a byline on a professional newspaper, you must go through a review and be selected. Additionally, your articles get reviewed as well. This gives readers an implied testimonial to the quality of your work.

You Earn Ongoing Revenue from Your Posts

While you won’t initially make a lot of money from your posts, you can over time make a reasonable income, though probably nothing like the Internet marketing promises of quick money with little effort. The beauty of getting a freelance byline  is that you will continue to earn revenue so long as the material is relevant and you are a current examiner.

There are several ways that you earn money from posting articles under your byline with Currently, pays the following:

  • Approximately $1.00 per thousand page views, i.e. $.001 per page view
  • Bonus for writers referred when they are approved and publish …
  • Bonus for slideshows, videos, and lists with pictures (these types of incentives change occasionally – currently you can make up to $5 per week for slideshows of …. per article.)

At 2,000,000 page views per month, you would have $2,000 just on the payment for page views. My next post will give examples of how you can increase your income by varying a number of factors. While most of us won’t make a six figure income with our freelance byline on, that is mostly due to the limits of our own ability to see it. When you see it, you will make it true. page to apply as an examiner or freelance writer

Remember too, getting paid to write online is gravy. Your real purpose is to build your status as an authority. Then people who like your expert voice will follow your profile to your site or will follow you on Twitter or friend you on Facebook, which increases your social networking clout.

Why settle for what someone else tells you your income per hour will be? The beauty of getting your freelance byline  is that you get paid to write online while building your status as an authority. Additionally, will improve your visibility and expose you to readers you might never reach with only your own blog.

Get paid to write online and start building your status as an authority today,


John R. Aberle, Aberle Enterprises

  • Anaheim Restaurant Examiner
  • Southern California Restaurant Examiner


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About the Author

I have a strong love for small businesses, especially brick and mortar companies. After an 18-year career in sales and marketing, I started my own service company, which I grew in both sales and profits for the first five years. In my sixth year, the bottom dropped out of the printer market such that it made more sense to sell my assets and return to Southern California. There I went to work for an international small business consulting company. I spent over three years on the road with them helping small businesses to become more profitable and better managed. I then started my own company specializing in sales and marketing consulting, coaching and training. My emphasis is on heart-centered, relationship selling that empowers prospects to make their own choices.