Focus Your Marketing on Your Ideal Customer

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Feb 06

Everybody today is under pressure to perform, to do more with fewer people. So how do you get more sales with the time, effort and money available? The key today, as always, is to focus on your ideal customer’s profile.

The Heart of Your Business Is Your Ideal Customer

The Heart of Your Business Is Your Ideal Customer

Everything builds from there out. No matter how good your product, your ideal niche market is something less than the entire world poplulation. So look at your best customers to help determine where your niche really is right now. One rule of thumb is that 20% of your customers account for 80% of you sales.

Knowing the characteristics of your ideal customer enables everything else to flow naturally. For instance, knowing the profile of your ideal prospects makes it possible to figure out what their wants and needs are. It’s even a wise idea to ask them why they buy from you. Sometimes the reasons will surprise you.

Armed with that information, you can write your unique selling proposition or USP to appeal to what people fitting this profile care about. The USP tells them what is unique or special about your products, services, or business that makes you their ideal choice.

Using the USP, you can write your questions and benefit statements to appeal to those concerns. Ask these questions to find out if they have problems you can help solve. People buy when they see a product fits their interests. It must answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” When they feel good about what your products and services deliver for them, they will seek you out.

Your marketing campaign flows from the inner three: ideal customer > unique selling proposition > benefit statements > marketing campaign. Naturally, your headlines and your copy or written material must attract the attention and hold the interest of your prospects. Additionally, knowing your ideal prospect’s profile also helps you target your marketing activities and budget on the ways most likely to reach that sort of prospect.

So to get the most impact from your marketing campaign, first decide what your best customers have in common. Usually they provide 80% of your business. From that knowledge, identify your distinctive value to people like them. Develop questions to find out if they have wants and needs your products and services address. When you present your solution, stay focused on the benefits from their viewpoints. Use this knowledge and understanding to be sure your marketing materials speak to their concerns. And have this customer profile to guide your marketing investments. This focus will help you generate the most sales for your time, effort and money.


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