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By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Oct 02
My 1st Examiner.com restaurant review is of Fresca’s Mexican Grill in Anaheim

My 1st Examiner.com restaurant review is of Fresca’s Mexican Grill in Anaheim

In May 2007, I read The Secret about the law of attraction. By then I had been aware of the power of the law of attraction for about thirty-five years. What Rhonda Bryne and most of her contributors failed to make perfectly clear is that there is more to working with the law of attraction than just thinking pretty thoughts. You need to take action. You need to show life you’re sincere.

A Dream 40 Years in the Making Comes True

Today one of my life long dreams of being a freelance writer of restaurant reviews came true when Examiner.com posted my first article for them, “Review: Fresca’s Mexican Grill at Stadium Crossings in Anaheim.” Admittedly it’s been a minor goal but constant ever since I wrote my first restaurant reviews for The Talon as a cadet at the USAF Academy.

Will You Make the Effort to Manifest Your Dreams?

While some dreams manifest sooner than others, virtually all dreams require activity to give the Universe (your higher power, The Force, Holy Spirit or God – whatever you call the universal energy) the opportunity bring your dream into this dimension of reality.

Step-by-Step, I Built Momentum toward My Dream

To give you an idea of how this has worked for me, here are some of the activities that helped to draw or attract to me the opportunity to be a freelance restaurant reviewer:

• For decades I’ve critiqued the food and service I get at restaurants when dining out even though my comments would only go to the manager.
• As a small business consultant when I was on the road working with a restaurant client, I developed a restaurant critique form that I would use to rate the food and the service.
• I’ve been active in the Barnes and Noble Writers’ Group, which met originally in Glendale and now meets in Burbank, for a couple of years to improve my writing skills.
• I’ve been writing this blog for almost a year now. Although the style of writing for a blog is too personal and casual for Examiner.com’s articles, the skills posting articles and uploading pictures made using their software a breeze.
• I had to respond to their job notice on Monster.com then provide a sample review as well as answer questions like “What qualifies you?” and provide sample headlines.

Visualization Adds to the Attractive Powers of Action — It Doesn’t Replace Action

I’ve had so many dreams come true using the law of attraction, even before I knew what I was doing. Whatever you whole heartedly desire, provided it doesn’t interfere with someone else’s dream, you will manifest. There’s more to it than what I have room for here right now. But the main point I have is that to reach your goals, you must take action. While visualization is wonderful, action trumps it.

It’s Easier to Change Your Course When Already Moving

Years ago I figured out that I can attract the experience I want easier if I am in motion – it’s the Law of Inertia, which physicists describe as “a body in motion tends to remain in motion and a body at rest tends to remain at rest unless acted on by an outside force. So by studying then applying what you’ve learned, you give Life the proof of the strength of your desire. It’s also easier to adjust your path than to get you moving from a dead stop. So use the law of attraction by working with it. You can make your dreams come true if you put your own effort into manifesting them.

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