Do You Want a Joyful Life?

By John R. Aberle | Small Business Management

May 19

Years ago Suzanne worked in New York City in the advertising industry. She started to find herself and live her dream while still employed writing toothpaste commercials. Her first effort to live her passion saw her express herself as a song writer, singer, and cabaret performer. She’s had an interesting journey that resulted in becoming a writer and a coach teaching others how to experience joy in their lives too.

Your Retiree Business’ tagline is “finding personal fulfillment through your retiree business.” This is because so many people choose the comfort of a secure paycheck even though their 9-5 jobs just suck the life out of their dreams. Finally, as they approach retirement, they again realize that there is hope, they can find personal fulfillment and passion and meaning in their lives. So the question is, “How much joy do you want in your life?” Are you willing to invest the effort to find and live your purpose? If you answered “Yes!” or maybe even squeezed out, “Maybe,” you can find inspiration in Suzanne’s book, How Much Joy Can You Stand? (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)” (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

The material in this section came from my book review “Joy Comes from Living Your Passion,” May 13, 2014, on Amazon of Suzanne Falter’s extremely helpful book. As Amazon does not allow me to post that review anywhere else, here are my thoughts about this book.

Falter strove to write so that it would be usable and meaningful. She used stories of real-world people who persisted through failure to finally succeed. Among these tales, Falter covered Stephen Crane, Cyrus H. McCormick, and Michelangelo. Each of them had to overcome failure in order to achieve their dreams.

The common thread to these failures who ultimately achieved success was their commitment to their passion and purpose in life.

In a world that believes in “overnight success,” I found these stories of struggle followed eventually with success inspiring. Interesting too is that Falter talks about the effort and commitment necessary to discover one’s passion and purpose in life. Only when you have done the work to find your passion and purpose will you find that sense of personal fulfillment in life.

I found this book fascinating enough to stop several times to make my own notes about something I read and related to.

If you are tired of acquiring just another shiny object that provides a momentary pleasure that disappears in a flash and if you’re ready to acquire lasting joy, then read and apply Suzanne Falter’s lessons on the work to find joy and fulfillment. This review is from: How Much Joy Can You Stand?: How to Push Past Your Fears & Create Your Dreams (Kindle Edition)

One of the great points that Suzanne’s story makes is that you can start living your passion before you retiree. She includes exercises to discover what your life’s purpose is. But if you really want to find joy in your life, it comes not from more possessions. It comes from living fully and purposefully. Start now so that when you reach retirement, you make a smoother transition into your own personally fulfilling life. Get your copy of How Much Joy Can You Stand?: How to Push Past Your Fears & Create Your Dreams. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Finding personal fulfillment through your retiree business,

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John R. Aberle, Your Retiree Business, a division of Aberle Enterprises

P.S. Ask yourself, “How Much Joy Do You Want in Your Life?” Realize your dreams and find joy from expressing your passion. Get your copy now of Suzanne Falter’s of How Much Joy Can You Stand?: How to Push Past Your Fears & Create Your Dreams Your spirit will be soar as you find and express your true self. (As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.) 

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I have a strong love for small businesses, especially brick and mortar companies. After an 18-year career in sales and marketing, I started my own service company, which I grew in both sales and profits for the first five years. In my sixth year, the bottom dropped out of the printer market such that it made more sense to sell my assets and return to Southern California. There I went to work for an international small business consulting company. I spent over three years on the road with them helping small businesses to become more profitable and better managed. I then started my own company specializing in sales and marketing consulting, coaching and training. My emphasis is on heart-centered, relationship selling that empowers prospects to make their own choices.