Do You Get Frustrated When You Get an Error Page?

By John R. Aberle | Internet Marketing

Nov 11
John R. Aberle took a screen shot of A Bug Free Mind's

You’re on the Internet doing a quick search for information you need when suddenly your search comes to a halt with a message that you have reached a 404 Error. You find a very brief message saying that what you were looking for can’t be found. Then it has some choices of what you can do, like check to be sure you entered the URL correctly or return to the home page.

So how do your react? Probably you feel frustrated, right. You might ask, “What do I do now?” Maybe you feel like your time was wasted. Have you ever felt delighted that you reached this message that your page was not found? A couple days ago, I actually was.

I was doing research for ideas and sample ads I could use to promote Andy Shaw’s Product Launch for his amazing products when one of the links didn’t take me to the intended content. Instead I got the “Page Not Found” page on the A Bug Free Mind site.

Thinking Outside the Box

This page is an excellent example of thinking outside the box. Andy applied creativity to change the bland, lifeless error pages into something engaging.

Curiosity carried me into the first paragraph. That was so interesting I read the next. Mind you, I was in the midst of a project so I would normally have just clicked back or gone elsewhere. Instead I kept reading. Here is the actual content of this page.

 John R. Aberle took a screen shot of A Bug Free Mind's "Page Not Found" page for blog post on Your Retiree Business, a division of Aberle Enterprises


Page Not Found

Sorry but the page you are looking for cannot be found. This may be because we messed up (highly likely :-)), or you messed up and typed in the address wrongly (most unlikely)…

But either way there’s no point denying that this page just isn’t here. So our site decided that this page cannot be displayed because you need some fresh air… Our interactive site understood your mind was asking for a break… So why not enjoy it…

Afterall your ISP has told us that you’re online several hours everyday, and that just ain’t right!

Please for the sake of your well being, why not give the following a go.


Firstly accept that the page isn’t here, and that’s just the way it is… Accept that, and expect that shortly you’ll be getting to an even better page… Know that your subconscious mind will get you to that page when your ready to search again.

However, if you decide to be stressed about this, then your conscious mind will then help your subconscious mind to find loads more to be stressed about, and you may even get to see this page again 😉

So instead of rushing to do something and ending up stressed… Why not just take a few moments out thanks to this unforeseen error, and just for a few seconds or even minutes be grateful for the breather you’ve been given…

As when you’ve gone through the ‘Bug Free process’ then you’ll realise that rushing isn’t helping you become successful anyway. So instead be grateful for the break and then click anyone of the links on this page and see where your subconscious mind takes you.

However, we recommend that for your enjoyment and to get your mind into the right place to get exactly what you really want… We’ve added a few pictures and a video for your enjoyment. Have a good laugh, take a few minutes and get your mind into the right place to search again without needing to come back here…

Enjoy and be grateful for ending up here otherwise you may not have had this laugh today.

Helping you to enjoy the day even when it goes wrong,


Some other things that didn’t go according to plan.

John R. Aberle took a screen shot of A Bug Free Mind's "Page Not Found" page's first group of humorous pictures for blog post on Your Retiree Business, a division of Aberle Enterprises


John R. Aberle took a screen shot of A Bug Free Mind's "Page Not Found" page's second group of humorous pictures for blog post on Your Retiree Business, a division of Aberle Enterprises



I trust you enjoyed that… I particularly enjoy watching Eddie Izzard on computers. But if none of this managed to make you laugh then… 

Here is an article on Stress Relief 

If that’s not what you’re after then here is an article on Overcoming Depression 

What about an article explaining How To Never Be Depressed Again.


Well here’s a really quick article on creating Instant Happiness 

Now if you don’t need any of them… so you’re not stressed, you’re not depressed and you are happy… Then you really are VERY powerful and have the ability to become successful… You just need to learn how to do it on purpose instead of by accident…

What I teach in the Bug Free process is a number of simple techniques which you use as mind tools to slowly and without effort remove the bad stuff from your mind so that you can create success…

Now by you approaching it slowly then magic starts to happen, as with your slow approach it transmutes into high speed life changes… And all without effort and without rushing, and without stress.

This isn’t marketing hype, it just is what happens… And you get to risk nothing by ‘trying’ it out… So if you want to ‘give it a go’ and take me up on a special bonus offer then I promise you that you will change your life by getting my tool box of new ways of thinking into your mind.

Checkout my Bug Free Mind Special Offer Here.

This article comes from A Bug Free Mind’s Page Not Found (The actual link I used was protected in their affiliate area. If you want to reach this page and my link doesn’t work, just add anything instead of “404” to be taken to “Page Not Found.”

The Best 404 Error Page Ever

Never until now have I rejoiced at getting an error page. Andy Shaw and Pete Halm taught me a major lesson on how to ease the way for others: make your error page so friendly and so entertaining that people are delighted they found themselves there.

Here’s what I noticed with Andy Shaw’s “Page Not Found”

  • He relieved the visitor from feeling stupid or upset about making a mistake by accepting the probability that it was his mistake.
  • He engaged you then with the idea that the site felt you needed some fresh air. He recommended that you be grateful for the glitch as it is giving you a breather.
  • He shared humorous pictures of other things “that didn’t go according to plan.”
  • He included a hilarious YouTube video “Eddie Izzard’s Encore on Computers”
  • Then he turned it into a way to engage you further with some of his articles on stress, depression and instant happiness.
  • This was all done on a page with his products in the sidebar.

What can you do to relieve the frustration your visitors feel when they inevitably encounter a page not found on your site? Following Andy’s example, you can make it actually a positive experience, make them delighted to meet such an interesting person, and engage them even more with other content. And of course, because you’ve built a stronger relationship with them, you can also offer them an opportunity to buy your products and services if they want to work more with you.

Finding personal fulfillment through your retiree business,


John R. Aberle, Your Retiree Business, a division of Aberle Enterprises


P.S. Start thinking outside the box too – use even a potentially negative experience to build a stronger, positive relationship with your visitors. Take Andy Shaw’s offer of 5 Free Videos to “Unlock the Secret Powers of Your Subconscious Mind” – develop A Bug Free Mind.    Note: This is my affiliate link. I believe in Andy Shaw’s information enough to want to include it as one of the resources I recommend.


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