Customer Service Lessons Learned from Installing Plugins

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Feb 03

I know that this sounds like a simple, silly thing to someone who’s a code jockey or programmer or even just really technically knowledgeable about WordPress. Nevertheless, because I’m a blogger who is only slightly knowledgeable, I have spent days in frustration over plugins. I would upload them to my blog site but they never appeared on my plugins page so I could activate them. Finally, it dawned on me what the problem might be – and I just confirmed I was right.

After I downloaded a plugin to my computer, I would click on it to extract it to a folder. What happened with most of them is that they created another folder or they were already in a folder. My installation instructions would say to upload the folder to the blog’s wp-content/plugin folder so I would. Then I would go to my Site Admin and select Plugins, but when I went down to the available but not activated plugins I wouldn’t find the ones I uploaded. Yesterday I realized it was because the plugin folder had another folder in it instead of the files that WordPress was expecting, so they couldn’t show up. When I moved the files up so there was only one folder, the plugins showed up.

This issue goes to the whole concept of customer service. All of us make the same kind of errors. It’s actually a form of blindness because we can’t see the assumptions we take for granted, the steps we are not even conscious of taking because they are so automatic.

What procedures do you have that are frustrating your customers? These are the things that destroy loyalty. On February 1st, I wrote about building customers by word-of-mouth in “The Best Marketing Is Word-of-Mouth.” It takes a positive, exciting customer experience to draw people to you. A negative experience creates word-of-mouth stories that drive people away. What can you fix in your products or services that will remove something annoying your customers so that they can enjoy their customer experience with you more?


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