Comment on Being in the Goal Achieved Makes It Real by John Aberle

By John Aberle

Nov 02

Thank you, Judith, for such a wonderfully supportive comment. I really appreciate the insights you and Jim provide, especially in the weekly trainings for the Soft Sell Marketers Association, I have bad memories of conferences I paid for only to find I invested my time as well as money to attend a gigantic sales pitch by multiple people. The irritating thing was that I learned nothing new. One of the leading sales trainers in the last three decades of the 20th Century would do a seminar with nothing new that I could tell having read his book – and having heard him before. I appreciate your training sessions where you give us the steps to start applying the material covered in the training. By the way, I commented in today’s post, “Yes, You Can Teach Old Sales and Marketing Dogs New Tricks,” about the value of First Step Internet Marketing.


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My first Kindle eBook, How Relationship Selling Rewards Small Businesses, went live on April 24, 2012. I've lived a lifetime of service and spiritual search so it's natural for me to incorporate these attitudes into my work. I believe that selling and marketing are spiritual service when done with a heart-centered, relationship selling approach. All of business success comes down to building strong relationships.