Saturday, February 25, 2017
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Does your brand definition allow you upsells and product growth while keeping you core focus on your ideal customers and their problems?

When new technology like Google+ Hangout comes out, most people wait until someone else has proven that it works. They lack the vision and successful experience to recognize when something will revolutionize business. Further, if you lack an understanding of strategy, it’s hard to realize how important a Google+ Hangout marketing strategy is for your small business.

Frank Robertson was a small business owner and entrepreneur. He was a sharp business man with years of sales and marketing experience. Still, he couldn’t see how Google+ Hangout offered unique opportunities to brick and mortar businesses.

Triple Power Play takes advantage of Google’s new Google+ Hangout as the foundation of their link triangulation strategy to build traffic & conversions. Most people haven’t fully appreciated the need to apply this tool to grow their small businesses.

One of the services and functions of Aberle Enterprises is to be a clearinghouse for information that can benefit small businesses enabling them to build profits through strong relationships. The following article, How small business can exploit Groupon, is one such article that can help your business with some very important insights, especially on developing a strategy for your small business marketing campaign.

What does sales and marketing strategy have to do with knowing how to make a profit? Frankly, a lot. Very few businesses succeed without some sales and marketing program. When I was a child, the story was that the founder of The Hersey Company, who made Hershey’s chocolate, refused to ever advertise. Well, if you […]