Saturday, February 25, 2017
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This analysis of a heart-centered marketer’s sales page shows you how you can create a powerful relationship selling sales page of your own.

Mary Ann Black and her husband Chet want to grow their business. Naturally sales training sounded like a good idea. The problem was they never felt comfortable with all the emphasis on telling, controlling, and closing, closing, closing. So they ignored the training and just relied on building relationships. Then they discovered that there is a way to train sales reps to do business like they have for eight years. It’s called relationship selling and it’s all about heart centered selling.

This morning I submitted an article to Associated Content, “How Rotary Helped Me Feel like a Business Owner.” One point was about having been cynical about business early in life. I wondered, “Is it possible for small business to be socially conscious?” The People in Rotary Seemed to Care about Their Communities Then I joined […]

Sometimes you can learn more from an example of what not to do than from instructions on what to do. That’s the case with this post about “What can TV automotive advertising teach you about relationship selling and trust?” To learn the lesson, you need to tune in to how you respond to this example […]

Earning customer loyalty goes beyond just providing great customer loyalty programs. It means understanding what customers want and providing that. Something is added value only when your customer feels it is.

While customer loyalty programs are popular with all customers, they are effective only if the basics are covered first. You provide what they buy from you. With services it becomes difficult because they only become tangible when something happens. This article gives 3 examples of companies earning customer loyalty by creating added value.

(Technorati: AUZ2VQHDJ5SU ) Will’s decision to cancel thousands of Amazon Associates’ accounts because they are in California or in other states that passed Internet sales tax laws affect you? These laws require Internet marketing companies, like, to collect sales tax anywhere they have affiliates. If you use Amazon as one of your revenue […]

As a small business owner or senior manager, you have a tremendous variety of responsibilities. One of the issues many of your fellow small business owners suffer from is feeling that they have to know everything. Interestingly, nobody knows everything, especially in today’s fast moving world. Major corporation executives have the advantage on you. Nobody […]

JohnAberle posted a photo:

Poppies in Disneyland

JohnAberle posted a photo:

Close up of the plants in the mouth of Mickey Mouse on the lawn inside the entrance to Disneyland.

JohnAberle posted a photo:

Pansies in the design on the lawn inside the entrance to Disneyland.